Tips On How To Protect Your Car From Theft

Crime is an unavoidable hazard of societal distress. It’s a common thing to encounter mishaps when it comes to grievances of theft. Out on the streets every single day, we are susceptible to the lurking dangers of having our precious valuables stolen; from the most archaic of means to the most elaborate of heists.

With the sea of prestigious cars around Manila, your new Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines, is a hot ticket item for criminals to break in and take your important, especially expensive valuables.

Prices definitely vary across all the different anti-theft devices for automotive vehicles, but it’s always worth it to take that extra step of full responsibility when making sure your important valuables are always secure.

Here are some key tips, devices, and things to keep in mind when turning your car anti-theft:


  1. Apply a secure locking device for your car.

The two essential locks that prevent vehicle movement through sheer brute force are Tire Locks and Steering Wheel Locks. Besides these two it is also possible to implement Hood Locks to prevent the theft of the many essential parts of your car’s engine.


  1. Install highly reliable alarms.

Throughout the years there have been immense developments in Car Alarm technology, it’s really up to your overall budget on which type of car alarm you’re capable of installing; everything from the primitive to the most intricately wave based.

The most important thing though, is to make sure your car is never unattended especially when running. A nifty little trick is to leave a walky talky or any two-way radio device inside to make sure you hear even the slightest of entry sounds.


  1. Put in disabling switches.

A Kill Switch essentially cuts off the entire electrical circuitry of one’s vehicle to prevent it from even turning on when it detects trespassing attempts.

The number one rule is to ensure everything closed and locked. In the case of a glitch in the device, make sure that you always keep in store all important information with regards to your vehicle


  1. Ensure exclusive engine starting with Immobilizers

Electronic Immobilizers are similar to Kill Switches, however, Electronic Immobilizers are more relatively new in the field of anti-theft devices. It is a signal based device linked with your car’s key that locks fuel ignition when unmatched.


  1. Always be in contact with your car through Tracking Systems.

Electronic Tracking System are also available to keep constant information of your car’s GPS whereabouts.

Finally, when and leaving your car somewhere, keep in mind to always make sure you park it at well-light areas or safely covered garages.


Key Takeaway

There are many devices that cater to fully proofing your car from the ravenous perils of car theft. In spite of it being a self-assuring decision to ascribe to one of these products, the core security measures arise from always being aware.

Whether your car is ‘pang-harabas’ or the newest edition of the Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines, it is never going to be fully immune to theft. So it’s always best to take that extra step!




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