Tips on how to be a happy work/stay at home mommy

was a corporate slave for about 3 years and I regret every little time that I didn’t spend it with my kids. They are much closer than their dad and their grandma, but I am not jealous about it, I was indeed happy that my mom would take care of them and that’s for free (haha *giggles). I was retrenched from my previous job and I decided not to work again. I wanted to spend more time with my family plus my health is not really good at that time. At first I was so excited to be at home all the time, but as days and months go by I felt the emptiness and I was really bored and then I realized to go back in selling bags.


So, how can we be happy as a stay/work at home mom, here’s what I’ve learned being a work-at-home mom for a year now.

Enjoy every single day of your stay
Enjoy every waking moment when you’re at home. You can do whatever you like without a boss reprimanding you so be more productive. You can go to the mall and do window shopping or pick up your kids if you’re feeling really bored. There are lots of things to do so don’t get stuck on what you usually do.

Find a hobby or something you really love to do most
Finding something that interest you can help to boost your sleeping happiness hormone. Like me, I regularly do blogging or reading a novel to divert the boredom I feel.

Find a mommy group or Talk to a friend and go out
We tend to forget to socialize because of the load of works at home special if you’re a stay/work at home mom. I feel like I need to clean our room everyday just to say that I have done something for that day. I sometimes feel guilty of staying at home, but I was lucky to have a husband who’s really supportive and wanted me to stay home to teach and focus on my kids and my online business. We also need to mingle with our friends at least once or twice in a month (ugh! I really cannot do that, I really feel that my family needs me more and I feel guilty whenever I go out with them)

Never forget to pamper yourself and fix your hair
Most of stay/work at home mom forget to be fashionable and pamper ourselves. I am also one of those moms that does not brush my hair regularly, especially when I am at home, but I’ve change I realized that I need to see to it that I look presentable, even at home and even with my PJ’s on I sometimes wear a little bit of make up, it can also boost our confidence and somehow make ourselves be prepared when someone knocks on the door (haha *giggles). But seriously, I think we should somehow love ourselves a little bit because most of the time we really forget ourselves and focus on our family. We also deserved to be pampered sometimes.

Never forget to have quality time with your better half
Most of the time after hours if cleaning, teaching the kids and preparing for dinner we forget that we have our husband and they also need our attention. I am a self confessed “kalimutera” (forgetful) when it comes to spending quality time with him, since most of the time he go home late and when he’s home I am doing inventories or fixing my blog. So I learned to manage my time and give the quality time that he should have and thank God our marriage is still strong and hopefully unbreakable.

Most of the people would not agree with us staying at home, but who cares this is what we really wanted and we are also working and we have the highest paid workers because there is no currency needed when your husband and your little ones cuddle and hug you and tell you that “Thanks Mom!, you’re the best!”. That is a million happiness for me. We can be happy in any way we want, but let’s not forget ourselves. I salute all stay/work at home mom for trading your stilettos to flip flops and your fancy dresses to PJ’s!


18 thoughts on “Tips on how to be a happy work/stay at home mommy

  1. Being a stay at home mom is already a privilege because I know someone who wanted to be a full time mom but can’t resign because she needs to help in finances. Even though I have no career, I’m still happy because I have more time with my son.

  2. Thanks for this post! I really needed it since I’m on the verge of going crazy because of boredom. I was never used to staying at home and after I finished school, everything had to change and I had to work and stay at home. It’s difficult to have to deal with such a change.

  3. I have some things on this list that I have neglected to do. That’s because my new online work plus household chores (been living without a helper for almost a year now) and helping my son with school work after he comes home from school consume all my time. I actually wish days are longer so that I can accomplish all my tasks. Lol!

  4. I had sore eyes so I work from home for a week. Sabi ko it’ll be my practice just in case I decided to be a WAHM full time. Aba! Mas mahirap pala. At home, I take care of the baby while working. And I’m on I.T. so need ng concentration dapat. And ending, I only got to work when the baby’s sleeping. So that’s me without sleep for a week. Kaya now, I have so much respect for WAHMs. Hirap!!!

  5. staying at home, running after a rowdy toddler + drowning in seemingly endless chores can really by quite such perfect recipe for disappointment, frustration + boredom, that is why it is a must for us stay-at-home mums to find something that excites us everyday or find something in everyday that excites us. thumbs up for those tips! 🙂

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