Tips on how gamers should Energeyes their eyes


I think my youngest son Kwek is a blooming gamer he spends his weekends playing Playstation for more that three hours. He even told me that it’s his way of taking off stress for a 5 days of school work (wow! at young age he’s stressed out). But, since I am always the Maleficent of his life, I always told him that he will soon be blind if he still play more that an hour. And I have read an article about the gamers eye disorder the, digital strain.

Digital strain is an eye condition caused by to much exposure to harmful blue light emitted from excessive use of digital devices. The symptoms are: constant headache, eye fatigue, redness and blurred vision. If this condition is left untreated patient can lead to a much serious eye disorder like retinal damage that contribute to macular degeneration.

So here are so ways to avoid it:

The 20-20-20 rule. While it’s difficult to get your eyes off the screen while you are in the zone, it’s advisable to follow the ’20-20-20′ rule. Take frequent eye breaks by taking your eyes off your computer every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Another tip is to blink often to refresh your eyes. Regular blinking keeps your eyes moist and relaxes your eye muscles, which reduces the tendency of having itchy eyes.

Distancia Amigo! (Keep distance). An oldie but goodie rule we were all taught when we were kids is to keep distance from the computer or TV screen. This golden rule is applicable to gamers as well. Keeping distance from the screen prevents you from damaging your eyes. Computer screens should be at least an arm’s length away from you. The more distance you are from your screen the less eye strain you’ll experience.

Wear protective glasses. Protect your eyes by investing on an eyewear that minimizes eye strain. Consider using an eyewear that effectively blocks the harmful blue light and eliminate glares from computer or smart phone screens.  

Protect your eyes from the harmful blue light with Energeyes Digital Lenses. It is a protective eyewear that alleviates the symptoms of digital strain by cutting out over 50% of harmful blue light through the synergistic actions of a reflective front surface treatment on the lens and an absorptive lens material. Energeyes Digital Lenses blocks out this damaging blue light and improves visual performance by eliminating glares from digital screens.

With Energeyes, your eyes are protected from the damaging effects of blue light, allowing you to win not only in eye care health but in dominating your opponents in the battlefield.

For gamers, don’t be a noob to digital strain. Plan your strategy on protecting your eyes with Energeyes. Energeyes Digital Lenses are available in iStudio at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and in all Ekotek branches.

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