Tips on how to gain weight

If you are skinny and people keep on making fun of you, then there is hope. Usually, such people have a high metabolic rate. So, they can literally eat anything like junk and carbohydrates without adding weight. However, the issue is only that they are not eating enough to add weight. Further, they need to take legit supplements and steroids from a reliable steroid seller.

If you are such a person, this article is for you. It covers various tips you need to follow to add weight according to your desires. Read on to understand more.

Eat More Food

Foods are full of nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. What makes people gain weight are calories. Therefore, the more food you eat, the more the calories you need. The best thing is to understand the number of calories that you need to add to gain weight. With a calorie calculator, this should not be a problem.

Foods that are high in calories include rice, pasta and bread. According to research, eating about 2000 kilocalories per day and above is recommended for such people. Most foods will have labels with the number of calories they provide per serving. If need be, eat consistently to hit your daily goals.

Eat More Proteins

Foods rich in protein are responsible for the growth of muscle mass. Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders and athletes focus on eating more protein? They want to add muscle mass. Foods like red beans, lean beef, poultry, dairy products and many others are rich in protein.

It is important to include protein in breakfast, snacks and other meals. With some creativity in recipes, you can make this an interesting journey. Proteins take time to get digested, and one must exercise caution to ensure that the food is balanced well.

Eat Many Meals

The body needs time to digest small meals to avoid exhaustion of the digestive system. It is recommended that a person eats more meals rather than just focussing on two to three enormous meals. After breakfast, a snack before lunch is great for any person who has a goal of adding weight. Similarly, get another snack in the afternoon before dinner is served. The snacks should not be too complicated but should have enough calories to keep the body growing.

Hydrate the Body

A well-hydrated body functions properly at all times. This means that that the absorption of all nutrients into the body cells will be fast and efficient. Further, water allows the body to conduct metabolic processes in the right way making all the foods eaten useful.

Other fluids like fresh fruit juices, coffee and protein shakes have nutrients that they add to the body. Therefore, they play a role in the addition of weight. Those nutritious drinks with many calories are especially effective.


In addition to what we have discussed above, enough rest and sleep is paramount to weight addition. The use of protein to rebuild and grow muscles after exercise requires sufficient sleep. Also, it is good to keep track of your progress by recording the weight gain. This way, one will understand more of what is needed and what should be done.

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