Tips for Designing a Cost-effective Industrial Machine

Today’s industrial machines, like injection mold in China, are the pinnacle of what modern engineering and design can achieve. These machines are able to work more efficiently, and make sure that they produce results that would satisfy our needs. Despite the impressive performance of these machines, the quest to develop a better and more cost-efficient machine continues. The machine of the future needs to not only perform well, but also be more efficient, which would help reduce production costs and energy consumption. Here are some effective tips for designing the best cost-effective industrial machine.

Protect and have manual access to various parts and functions

Today’s machines are now more automated than ever before, with most of the processes no longer needed as much human control and input. A great example are the injection molds in China. Despite the wonders and convenience of automation, there are times in which these machines tend to have system malfunctions, which might cause unwanted accidents and mishaps.

To prevent these incidents from happening, it is best to place manual control options on critical parts of the machine, so that they can be deactivated at a moment’s notice. This would make sure that humans will still be in control should things to awry.

Use Electric Actuation

Most moving parts of today’s machines still rely on fluid power for it to move and function. These hydraulic and pneumatic parts may look more efficient at first, but the cost of maintaining these parts tend to go up after years of usage. These parts also tend to produce more noise, which can be uncomfortable to the working staff, especially the ones working near injection molds in places like China A more cost-efficient system is needed, and electric actuation is that option. These electric parts are not only efficient, but they are modular, which allows them to be used in different ways, which allows for more design options.

Remove unnecessary parts

The machines of the future are not only versatile, but must also use less moving parts in order for it to be more efficient. It is best to remove these parts, as there are newer sections and components that no longer need to have as many parts as they used to. This not only lowers the noise levels and power consumption, but it also lessens the production costs, as you are using less materials to build your machine.

Go for space-saving designs

As the years go by, machines have become much smaller and more efficient. Although there are machines that really need to be big to accomplish certain tasks, most machines can now be more compact, while still be as efficient. Having a smaller design for machines would help you save space, which you can a lot for other machines or facilities that can increase company productivity. With the movement of going small currently becoming a bigger trend, expect more of it in the near future.

Key Takeaway

With efficiency being the name of the game in technology and innovation, it is no surprise that companies across the world, from factories in the west, to injection mold in China, are aiming to create better cost-effective machines. With these machines of the future, expect industries to become more prolific.


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