Thyroid Disorder: Am I Hypo or Hyper?

ITAW Infographic

What does it mean when we say thyroid disorder? We son’t know its meaning, but a lot of Filipinos are are affected by this disease and died. 1 in 11 Filipino adults have loiter and around 12 Filipino adults are suffering from some form of thyroid disease and what’s more alarming is that 8 out of every 1000 children worldwide are affected by it.

To prevent a disease everyone needs to aware and awareness can save a thousand lives. The International Thyroid Awareness week (ITAW) is the perfect opportunity for us moms and Fiipinos to learn more about on how thyroid gland and disorder can affect one’s metabolism.

ITAW Infographic

How we still hangs on what is thyroid is? Thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ in the neck which produces thyroid hormone. It is a very special gland because it is essential on the growth and development of a child. If there is something wrong with our thyroid, it can result to a hormonal imbalance that can affect the brain development, growth puberty and well being of a child. ITAW’s main objective is to help mothers and pregnant women to spot the early signs of thyroid disorder to be treated and cured at an early stage.

The main theme of the event is “Catching Butterflies: Spotting the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders in Children.” The event will have 2 colourful mascots as it represents 2 different thyroid disorders. One is HYPO which is the green-blue and they are slow and sluggish butterfly which represents the HYPOTHYROIDISM and HYPER which is in pink and it is thin and overly active butterfly for HYPERTHYROIDISM. These 2 mascots will show how thyroid disease can affect a children’s mind, boy and metabolism.

ITAW Event Poster

They break down the disease into two to make it easier for parents and children to know what is the difference between the two. The main objective is to raise awareness of the thyroid disorder in children and in pregnant women. There will be also a screening and check up for those who have symptoms of the disorder as well as consultation and compliance treatment on the event.

The event will not just we all about lecture, but also provide a tons of mini events like butterfly clay art, caricature, cookies, dance numbers, mascots and many more!

This is the culminating event of the 2016 International Thyroid Awareness Week and it will be held at the Fisher Mall Event Centre on May 28, 2016, Saturday. See all there!

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