Things to Do When You’re Losing Your Confidence

Living in a society is difficult, it requires that we embrace our individualism but at the same time function on the communal directives of institution. This inherent contradiction often times leads to the questioning of once self-confidence.

Growing up and going through school trains children to become healthy adults. Student life is one of many stresses for a growing youngster, this is where confidence is built, and at the same time this is where self-confidence faces its many challenges. If one is enrolled in an international school here in Manila, there are many wondrous avenues for overall development.

The tackling of the many diverse sectors relating to academics expects that one exhibits the right confidence for growth, health and general well-being.

If you are a parent or a student, and find yourself or your child struggling with upholding adequate self-confidence, here are some basic guidelines to aid you in dealing with your challenge:


  1. As a parent, permeate your own confidence, and surround your child with unconditional love.

First of all, take a step back when raising your child through school.

Allow them to take risks and learn things for themselves, open the doors to understanding actions, reactions, and the many consequential outpours of one’s body of decision making. Many things in life should be learned the hard way.

Let them breathe and make their own choices. And don’t ever place them on a comparative scale with other students –this is one of the main causes for rattling a child’s confidence.

Do not shower your child with over-praising; make him or her feel special not more ‘superior’ than other students. Getting them to ‘look down’ on other kids may somehow boost your child’s morale, but it also breeds self-destructive attributes of OVER-confidence.

Stemming from earlier, teach your kid to get up and try again when facing the innocent follies of mistake.

Finally, be the parental mentor that you are, and never give in to the temptations of helicopter parenting as a means of contrived security.


  1. As a student, face insecurities by looking within yourself, and trusting your figures of guidance.

Success breathes life into confidence. As a student you should have clear visualizations of what you want to achieve, and follow through with a constructed plan to reach those goals.

Besides your loving parents, find a mentor within school. Whether he or she is a teacher or a guidance councilor, or even your principal. Find a figure in campus that you can confide to, open up with your problems, and look to for any kind of advice.

Learn to understand that rejection is not the end of the world, don’t give in to the self-depreciating tendencies of being turned down; don’t’ ever tell yourself that you’re not good or able enough.

Also, Don’t forget to care for yourself and your basic physical health; work on exercising, proper nutrition, and healthy living.

Finally, foster a healthy social life that you feel comfortable with –bond with your peers.



Key Takeaway

Studying in an international school here in Manila means that you need to develop honest self-confidence. If you ever find yourself questioning your own confidence, remember that its completely normal and healthy. Confidence is something to be constantly worked on in unison with how you feel about yourself and everything around you.

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