Things why your man didn’t fight for your love

The title seems to tell the story behind it, but this one is a wife’s perspective to why most husbands stays and fights for their family. I compiled the answers from my readers and followers who have experience this.

There are a lot of things why most men choose to end their relationship to their mistresses, because most behavior suffocates them or it came to their nerves and realize things about the forbidden love.

Being distraught

There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind to your man, however telling it over and over again for more than 3x a day is suffocating. If you want your man to be interested to you need to show less interest in him in a very good way.

Insisting too much time or effort from him

Don’t forget that you are a prim and proper kind of woman and you shouldn’t never cross that line.

Don’t be someone who you are not

Let your man love you for who you are, not for who  you want him to see you. You don’t need to change anything about you, if he really loves you he will accept what you really are. You don’t need to dress up uncomfortably to let him see something in you.

Acting naively

Most of us (women) acts naive to attract men. The truth behind this is men tend to love and settle for women who are mature and intelligent.


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