Things That Only International School Students Will Understand

Whether it be an international school in Manila, or the ones in the United Kingdom, they all make sure that they provide the best education for your child. Studying in an international school is a unique experience that prepares children for their future careers, and gives them the skills and credential to attend the best colleges and universities in the world. With their unique experiences, here are some things that only their students can understand and relate to.

You learn some of the languages of your classmates

Being in an international school is that you will be interacting with students of varying nationalities. This can cause a language barrier at first, but eventually, you might be able to learn their own language too!

Lunch is always diverse, too

Being from different cultural backgrounds, that would mean what you and your classmates eat is different, which would mean that lunch will always be a buffet of diverse cuisines from all over the world.

Accents, accents everywhere

Being exposed to so many languages may mean that your accent will turn out really different after a few years. This would make some of your friends and other people wonder what your accent really is.

Converting money is a regularity

Being from a different country, it is expected that you may have to go to the nearest money converter during most days. Just always hope that the exchange rate would be good each day.

New student every other week

Since international schools accept new students during most of the school year, you are always bound to have new classmates during the school year. Better make sure that your classroom has enough seats!

International competitions will turn serious

Being from different countries, always expect events like the Olympics and the World Cup to be really fiery and competitive, as all of you show a strong sense of national pride.

Expect a lot of travelling

Being in an international school means that you will be travelling across different parts of the world for events and educational trips. You can also go to vacation with your friends too!

Model United Nations will always be fun

The best part about Model United Nations is that with the many nationalities involved, it will really be fun trying to be someone from another country. Expect some really weird accents during those times.

Cultural events are loads of fun too

International schools celebrate various events, and most of them are cultural in nature. This means that you will be experiencing a nice slice of your classmate’s culture every other month. From music, art, and food, these events will sure be fun for everyone involved!

In the end, being in an international school is fun

With all of the things happening every year, studying in an international school is always loads of fun, with new adventures always bound to happen every day. The best part of it would always be the overall experience.

Key Takeaway

The international school life is a colorful and wonderful one indeed. From meeting people from across the world, to celebrating international events, the international school is definitely the place to be.


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