Things to check on your Solane LPG Tanks


Aside from I love eating, I also love cooking, but I need to cook so I can eat the food I want and what more convenient way to cook is using an LPG. But, I always have fear of LPG specially when It’s time for changing the tank. That is why the leading LPG provider shares some ways to check and ensure to have a worry-free cooking with Solane Tanks.

When a customer calls for a Solane Hatid-Bahay service, the order is promptly delivered by its friendly, courteous, and well-trained riders. They then perform the Safety Check on the following:



Environment: Cylinders must be in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of ignition.
O-Ring: The rubber O-ring inside the valve should be free from scratches or cracks.
Regulator: The regulator is in good condition and replaced every 3 years.
Regulator and Valve Connection: The regulator must be securely connected to the cylinder valve.
Hose: Must be in good condition and replace after every 2 years
Hose Connection: Metal clamps are used to attach the hose to the regulator and appliance.
Flame Quality: The burner produces a blue flame.

The Hatid-Bahay riders should conduct weight check in front of the customers using the calibrated and portable weighing scales. This is to assure the customers that Solane is providing a value for money.



Customers can order via Hatid-Bahay Hotline at 887-5555 or


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