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Everyone know that I been diagnose with the rarest kind of Bone Cancer. I’ve gotten over with the feeling of having cancer and I’ve been free for quite sometime, but when we say free it just mean that the cancer is just sleeping, but they are still there.

I remember losing hope to live and to continue life, I just wanted to end it. The cost of therapy is not affordable and it will surely run dry your savings. That’s why I ended up losing up and finally decided to stopped the treatment and then after a year, I had an APE (annual physical exam) and shocked that my cancer cells are not active anymore. I think it was a dream came true.


Mommy Bloggers with Dr. Mu Feng of Fuda Cancer Hospital.

But before all the happy memories I have because of being cancer free, we were looking for alternative treatment or medicine and a friend suggested Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital in China where they have this therapy called Brachytherapy. But we didn’t push through with it since we will leave the kids behind and also the financial capability since we have been in drought due to my previous therapies.

Thank you letter from one of Fuda Cancer Hospital’s patient.

There’s hope with Cancer and that has been my mantra ever since, I wish we have seek first Fuda Cancer Hospital before. But for other families who seek to help their love ones who have cancer, Fuda Cancer Hospital can help you.

Fuda Cancer Hospital offers FREE doctor and patient consultation you just need to bring the following:

1. Biopsy or Pathological test results.
2. CT scan or MRI scan reports.
3. Medical Summary or Medical Abstract Report.
4. Other Cancer related reports.

To Register please send the ff:

Patient Name:
Cancer Diagnosis:
City or Town:
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

You may contact

Mr. Segundo Cruz III
Mobile: 0917 775 3426
Landline: 02 507 3426

Their brachytherapy cost around 150,000 to 250,00 (estimation only). Iodine Seed Brachytherapy, an internal radiation approved by US FDA is different from external beam radiation. It is more effective with lesser side effects and it can be finished within 2 hours.

Now that you know what brachytherapy, Fuda Cancer Hospital will help you with free cost estimate for the treatment procedures in Fuda China, assistance in Securing China Visa, assistance for round trip ticket issuance, transport from the Guangzhou airport to Fuda Cancer Hospital in China. Fuda Cancer Hospital will never leave your side with their start to end help with you.

That’s why, we all have hope with Cancer and Fuda Cancer Hospital will surely help us feel better!

By the way we have a little chitchat with Dr. Me Feng and I have this feeling that I wish I have known them before so they have treated me rather than scaring me what my cancer is all about and I have much understanding now of what my cancer is all about.

Check them out on their website and like them on Facebook /FudaCancerHospitalPhilippines

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