The new Crispy Fry Fish Breading + An Aquaman Kind of day

Last weekend, we’re fortunate enough to join #CrispyFryPlayDay to watch the newest DC movie, Aquaman and also the launching of the newest addition to Crispy Fry’s breading mix and this time they made something for moms to love, the new Crispy Fry Fish Breading.

Why we should use Crispy Fry Fish Breading?

  • It will ease every moms fear of getting “tilamsik” by frying fish.
  • It also have added flavour that suits the fish.
  • Kids will love the new taste of fish, without the “lansa”

I myself has always been afraid of cooking fried fish because of how hard it can be to fry it. It should be in the right temperature before you put the fish an also the oil splatter that you’ll take when you start frying it. That’s why with Crispy Fry Fish Breading you do not need to fear frying that fish.

Last weekend is not also for the launching but also for the block screening of the newest DC movie, Aquaman. Which I think matches the launching for the fish breading.


Thank you so much for treating us for an amazing movie and it was a nice weekend with Donna Cruz-Larazabal and her son Gio!

Check out Ajinomoto website for more recipes to try or their Facebook Page /cookmunitybyajinomotoph

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