The Many Bags of Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre or Nadine Alexis Lustre to her parents. This girl next door look surely catch the audience’s attention and after awhile they love and adore Nadine. Who wouldn’t love this girl? She got great smile and she’s super down to earth and super loves her fans.

She’s just not an actress, but also can sing and dance, Nadine is surely have a lot of talent that is why James love her for what she is. I love stalking her Instagram account because I can see the real Nadine in just one word, simple.  She’s super simple and I thinks she adores Philippine made bags, because I see a lot of them in her account.

So here’s her array of bag collection:

I love her feed and I love her supporting local bags, though I find Louis Vuitton on her bag, but it’s really good to splurge on luxury things for awhile. Till our next celebrity!


*Photos from at Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account @NadzLustre

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