The Many Bags of Marian Rivera – Dantes

I remember, I featured Marian Rivera in my blog before due to her Hermes Bag and here I am again featuring her growing Hermes bag collection. I was just so fond of her because of how she dress and specially her bag. Aside from her angelic face, I also love her style in picking shoes and sandals because she’s into comfort first then style. Though she have her glam team around, I think she really is one of the fashion icon in the country today.

And now that she’s a new mom to Baby Zia, her obsession with Hermes bag didn’t fade away (just like me, haha!) I’ve been stalking her Instagram account almost everyday and I always see her Hermes bag and I think her collection is really growing. I love how she partners it with her #ootd which is very cool!

So, I don’t want you to wait any longer here’s Marian’s growing Hermes Bag Collection:

*Photos from her official ootd Instagram Account Marian OOTD


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