The Many Bags of Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub

We saw Maine Mendoza grow as an actress and comedienne and she really excels in want she do. Do most of the time she got bashed by people who doesn’t like her. We’ve seen her many times in the television with her tons of endorsements and her recent movie Imagine you and me.

But, have you think what does Maine’s favourite bag brand? and what does she carries on her bag everyday? I mean, I really wanted to interview her on my vlog “What’s inside your bag?” segment. But, in reality I cannot do it, but hopefully soon!

Here are some bags Maine used when she’s taping or enjoying her free time:

I think she have a lot of Longchamp because I always see it on KalyeSerye and I think she loves bags that can be very flexible specially with her busy schedule.

*photos are from instgram’s hashtag #maineootd

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