The hardest 24/7 job that requires love, affection, patience and a lot more.

Who would have known that being a mom is one of the hardest, oh I mean the hardest job in the world? Imagine waking up before you can even sleep, preparing meals that your husband and kids will like, making sure that your kids are doing good in school, cleaning and maintaining the house tidy all the time. But that doesn’t end with the list I made.

Being a mom is a really tough job, my mom is still doing all of the chores I mentioned even more of that while she have one foot. She still manages to do all of her chores despite her condition. She still gives unconditional love and still helps me on how manage my own household while also taking care of my family whenever I am out on an event or out of town. She gave everything to make me happy and my family happier.

That’s why I never gave up on life, whenever I felt the urge to stop and just leave all the responsibility I have, to just admit to myself that cancer really can beat me. But I salute my mom for everything she have went through and still manage to move forward in life and to still smile at the end of the day. Imagine that? That’s why I will never gave up on my husband and my family and always smile.

Like Nanay Lourdes, despite the things she’s doing she never complain and just do her job everyday for her family. It’s really hard, but I think God really made all women to tough and strong to prove that we are soft in some things but we will never give up.

Ikaw, gaano ka katibay bilang isang ina? Share your stories in the comment below.

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