The Born this way Ball: Ahia loves GaGa

Last May 21, 2012. The Grammy award winning singer Lady Gaga has a two day concert at MOA Arena. There are so many protest before the concert starts and so many commotions and hindrances we experience before we went to the Arena. Traffic was so heavy and its raining so hard but no one can’t stop us to watch it 🙂 I brought my eldest son and my hubby to the concert. Many would raise an eye brow about why did I brought my son to the concert. 1. He loves lady gaga 2. We are there to supervise him and if ever he has questions about something we can right away answer him.

Poster for the concert
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My ticket. thanks to our sponsor 🙂
watermark tbi(2)
See his Gaga moves.
watermark tbi(1)
look at the happiness on his face.

We didn’t bring our little Kweky to the concert since he’s really to young for it but before he make tantrums we took his photo my the ticket.

watermark tbi(5)
I think he’s happy even he’s “iwan”
watermark tbi(4)
Maybe he’s dreaming to be in the arena.

Sorry if we only have few pictures since we are really enjoying the concert last night. It was really a blast! Thanks Gaga for making Manila sing and dance 🙂

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