The blabbermouth problem of me being a Work at Home Mom

Many people are really amazed why I stopped searching for a new job after I left my previous job. They tend to tell me.

Engineer kasi asawa mo kaya hindi kana nag wowork.

They always have that thinking that I am just relying on what my husband is earning. I never bother to explain to them why and just gives them a peculiar smile then leave. Almost every day I hear gossip from inside and outside of my Hubby’s house about I am always on the computer playing around or I always use my tablet as if I was married to it and so much nonsense topic they tell about me. It’s really annoying that they bother to talk about me, but never check that they should not be gossiping about someone else lives.

I love being a Work at Home mom. In the morning until 2:30 P.M. I can focus on Bagista Filipina (my online shop). 2:30 P.M. onwards time for teaching Kweky and do some of his H.A. (Home Activity). I am so lucky to have my Mom, she teaches Ahia since I really cannot teach them at the same time due to my Big C. After checking on Kweky and doing his school work, I let Kweky play, at around 10:00 P.M. I am back to the business again and do some research about bags so I can post more information on my blog. I see to it that I have time for my biz, my blog and my family. Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for being so so so supportive of me and Specially my “Chinito Boy” (Hubby) for letting me splurge the comfort of being at home and lending me money to open my online business.

I know its really hard to be a work at home mom that because of the chores you need to do, but the hypocrites around you making false gossips that you are “tamad”, “laging nasa harap ng computer” and many more. I think we should educate people around us that it is our decision and not for them to judge us. What do you think Mommies should I answer them back that I am earning while being at home? Comment your suggestions below and I’ve got to go now Kweky is here! Ciao!




4 thoughts on “The blabbermouth problem of me being a Work at Home Mom

  1. wow, nakakainit ng ulo! they obviously have very traditional viewpoints if they automatically assume that just because you don’t go to an office, you’re just “playing around” when you’re in front of the computer. on one hand, it’s an opportunity to widen their perspectives and let them know that women can work at home; on the other hand, if they’re really stubborn and malicious, dedma na lang! and thumbs up to supportive hubby! 🙂

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