Thank you 2015 and to all the people who made The Bag Investigator grow

2015 has been a very tough year for me and my family specially on my health. Even though I have so many problems the past year, I met a lot of people who helped me as a writer and as a blogger. They taught me how to appreciate the things around me and eventually they have been my friends. 2015 also marks my 1st year anniversary in blogging. So here’s a round down on what my 2015 was:


  • Started the year with a question in my mind, whether a friend of mine was just using me. After a very controversial issue in 2014, I am starting to think whether I will push through with them or not.
  • I started attending events again, but i thought I just attended one and its about Promil from Greenbulb PR.
  •  This is also the month where I published an article about 5 signs that your kid is a spoiled brat.


  • It was in this month when I found out that my intuition about that “friend” was true and that time I had my change of heart to go back to blogging and do events again.
  • For this month, I really pushed my self so hard to the point I have an event everyday. I think this was the month that I am really struggling to accept that me and my husband lost 130+ thousand to a person we called friend.
  • A lot of new people came into my life and helped me heal. Thanks to Ian Bacungan and his wife Karina, Boss Eli, Sir Ted, Boss Raffy, Tita Myrns, Roomie Edel, Ron and almost half of the PB Net peeps comforted me about what I had found out on my so called “friend”
  • This is also the month I had met Cat, EJ and Krisca of Globe Telecom and it was really nice meeting and attending your events guys!
  • This was the month I first met the Fuentes Manila Team Special mention to Tin, this was my very first event on your PR group and it was Essilor’s event.
  • I also got the chance to see Sky gavin again after a long time. haha 🙂 It was on RTL CBS event House of Cards.
  • This was also the time when I met the Stratworks Team on the screening of House of Cards and it was Mommy Lariza who introduced me to Ms. Chele and Ms. Ginny and what I remembered the most was Ms. Chele’s comment on me “Ang ganda-ganda mo naman and hindi ka mukhang mommy…” I really can’t forget that haha 🙂


  • I had a lot of events and campaign when March started.
  • I also got my 1st pay check after I wrote my very first sponsored post for iPrice and they compensated me really awesome. When I mean awesome it is really awesome!
  • And also this month I met Richard Mamuyac at an event and asked me if I can write about “Caballete” and there was something inside my PR kit that time and I was really shocked about it.
  • It was also the very first time after a long month of not seeing Tita Toots. I attended his event the 25 Most Precious.


  • I attended my very first event of Stratworks and it was the Remington Event held at the Green Sun Hotel.
  • I had met another PR team, which is TeamAsia when I attended their Chevron Event.
  • This was also the month when I first saw Marian Rivera in person and thanks to Fuentes Manila Team for that!
  • And this month also marked my very first campaign with Pampers!


  • It’s Mother’s day!
  • Greenbulb PR and Downy treated as on a well pampered and serenaded at Peninsula Manila.
  • I made my very 1st review under Aesthetics and Beauty Magazine.
  • I personally met Ms. Lynda of OCI during their event at SM Southmall.
  • I have another sponsored post under Zalora and then again they paid me a really awesome compensation.


  • This was also the month when I blogged about my wishes before I die.
  • Got to attend the crowning of Mrs. Philippines Globe at Subic Bay. Thanks again to Fuentes Manila for this opportunity.


  • Kweky and I got to experience Kidzania Manila. Thanks to Strategic Works for the experience!
  • This was also the month when I had got to experience video blogging and doing a review for a smart phone, Prestigio. Thanks to OCI Group for the experience and for the phone.
  • Another milestone for July was the comeback of the renowned jingle of Jollibee, “I love you Sabado” which I grew up singing it!



  • My birth month yehey!
  • I held a gift giving to 40 kids in our community. A lot of brands and PR Agencies helped me with it. Thanks to Fuentes Manila for the Vila Del Conte Chocolates, Strat Works for the URC products, Ms. Kat of Toy Kingdom, Ms. Nadine of Krispy Kreme and Khayil’s Bakeshop.
  • This month also started my relationship with Ensogo Philippines. The 3 month relationship with them was an awesome and an overwhelming experience.
  • I also had an awesome adventure at Art in Island care of Jolly Cow! Thanks MJ and Jaz!
  • The main highlight of this month was my relationship with my ASUS Philippines family. I was really shocked, ecstatic and amaze why on earth they had given me the chance to do a review about their smart phones. I was really overwhelmed about it until now. They also liked how I do a review that is why they had sponsored my post! That was really crazy! And that was the reason I will never break that promise of commitment to them.


  • Laking Amazing journey of Kweky at 3 different malls, Thanks to Ogilvy for the experience!
  • It was also my hubby’s very first event experience at GROHE. Thanks to Marge of Penser Q for allowing him to join and experience being a blogger for a day!


  • My very first event with Ms. Marcie Linao, The Banila CO. A Korean make up company.
  • This month also marked my very first event in Universal Robina Corporation, Nissin Souper Meal.


The last of month of the year, but events and campaigns do not stop here. Here was this month’s highlights:

  • Received my very first Ang Pao from PNB. Yehey super Merry Christmas!
  • Got to travel to Tacloban, thanks to Philips and M2.0 Comms.
  • We got to experience the Dolby Atmos Cinema at Gateway and watched the advance screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Got to watch also in advance Princess Anna and Queen Elsa at the Disney on Ice.
  • My very firt write up for Hattendo Chilled Buns. Thanks to Ms. Rikka for trusting 🙂
  • Lastly, I got to review ASUS Philippines, ZenPad S8!

This year was indeed a very awesome, overwhelmed and blessed year for the Bag Investigator group. In behalf of my team (which compose of my family ahahaha), thank you for trusting us to be part of your events and campaign we promise to write an honest to goodness article ever time. And I would like also to give thanks to my readers, avid followers and likers for trusting me and reading what I am writing, I mean, I am not a good writer, but you guys still helped me with everything. Thanks to my 11,300+ followers on Instagram, 2,400+ Likers of Facebook, 800+ twitter followers and those who still watch and support my YouTube channel for giving 28,000+ views thanks guys without you The Bag Investigator is nothing! Have a Happy Holiday!

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