Teaching our kids English Language is easy peezy with lingokids.com!

I remember before my kids used to watch Barney and Friends or Ben10 and other cartoons and they would usually repeat what Ben10 or Barney would say and in just a few months they are now english speaking with an accent. But, this was way before, my kids are 14 and 10 now and most kids these days rely on iPad or online sites to  learn english language, but not all app or online site teaches kids the right way.

I discover this site and they also have an app where our kids can learn english language the right way. lingokids.com or just Lingokids is a digital English learning program for children 6 years and below. Parents can get a complete set of tools for a deeper and rich understanding of the english language. It is also a very interactive way for kids to enjoy because they can play with it, watch videos and sing their heart out when the kids want to. Wants really interesting about Lingokids, is that it has been created with Oxford University Press content which is known for their world-class expertise in english language.


Though my kids a big enough to use the app, we still tried it to prove to parents who have kids 6 years and below that this app is very beneficial. And just a little info about Lingokids, they have over 5 million installations and over 600,000 users on their app and still growing 30% every month.

Here’s how kids can enjoy and learn at LingoKids:

They will learn to trace letters.


They will learn the ABC’s


They will learn to count

They will learn about fruits and sea creatures

They will also have an online teacher


This is what parents will see on the app

So what do you think mommies and daddies? This is super good for your little one to learn and enjoy english language. If you want to try it you can download it on iOS or Google Play And since Lingokid is so generous they will be offering a very great discount of 89.99$/month to 59.99$/month after the free 1 month subscription! Let me know what you feel about it. My kids enjoyed it event if they are both old enough for the app!


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