#TastetheLove for our dear Mothers

Mega Creations

It’s mother’s day, but even if it’s our day we never get tried of doing things for our family like cooking their favourite dish. Like my mom who is still the one who cooks for us always have a hard time thinking of what will be our next “ulam”? But luckily Mega Global Corporation has innovated our families favourite the Spanish Style sardines. What we love about it is that it is not “malansa” and it’s not too strong or spicy for my kids.

“We believe that love can be expressed in our homes in many ways, most especially in cooking. We are hoping that every home will be able to taste the love that is in every can and bottle of Mega Creations. We wish to be part of your families, your kitchen, and your every meal.”, Lady Reyes, Brand Manager of Mega Creations and a Mega Mom herself explained.

With every bottle and can made with only the freshest catch that has gone through Mega Sardines’ signature 12-hour-catching-to-canning process, Mega Moms can make sure that they are offering only the best to their families. Every piece of sardine is especially handpicked to select the perfect size and ideal quality combining it with exceptional oils and ingredients which assures divine dishes in the kitchen.

Mega Creations

Mega Global Corporation held an event last April 28 an unfortunately I didn’t join the event, but during the event, the Mega Moms were given their own personalized aprons and were treated with a special cooking demo with Pio’s Kitchen’s and Mega Mom Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis who also prepared four heavenly, easy-to-prepare recipes for the luncheon using Mega Creations. The Mega Moms also participated in a contest with Chef Chin as the judge where they cooked and prepared the Tomato Arugula and Sardine Pasta. In the end, the team of Roselle Toledo of Snapped and Scribbled and Donna Javier of Pinay Mom’s Life got Chef Chin’s seal of approval.

With tummies filled with love from the delicious dishes that Chef Chin prepared, the Mega Moms were treated with basket full of Mega Creations Premium Sardines helping them transform their love into satisfying, unforgettable dishes that they can share with their families.

Thanks to my Mega Global Corporation family they send me the gift basket from the event and my family enjoyed the delicious Spanish style sardines!

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