Taking an Instagram worthy photo using ASUS ZenFone Selfie



I can say I am so obsessed with my Instagram feed after I posted our family photo featuring our ASUS phones my followers on my Instagram just became overwhelming! And a lot has been asking if what camera I’ve been using to maintain the uniqueness an beauty of my feed. That is why I am making this article to share some of my tricks on how I maintain an Instagram worthy photo using no other than my mobile phone, ASUS ZenFone Selfie.

I have a hard time carrying big cameras specially I have back issues. I bought a mirrorless camera, but It gave really soon. That is why I ended using my old mobile phone and why ASUS ZenFone Selfie came to my life I decided this is the camera for me. (If you want to know the specs and other relevant information about the phone you can check out here.)

So here’s some tips on how I make my photos so drooling:

  1. Don’t use the Instagram to take photos – If you want your photos to be so beautiful you should never use the Instagram to take photos better use VSCO Cam or use your Mobile Phone camera. I use the PixelMaster Camera of my phone in taking photos.
  2. Keep it SIMPLE – I love my background white or darkish or whatever I am feeling on that day. Just always use a plain white background or a darkish but dramatic one. I don’t go for so much colour on my background, sometimes it over powers what you are capturing.
  3. Use natural light – I always use the sun as my lighting. That is why our Terrace is the best place to capture my flatlays or some of my product shots.
  4. Use the rule-of-thirds – The lines in our phone’s camera has a significant use. You can use it play with the things you want in your photo like placing a flower on the side or on the edge to make the photo more appealing or dramatic. Always place it where the line intersects (Don’t forget that!)
  5. Play with angles and love the blurs – I don’t usually take 1-2 photos when I am doing a flatlay it takes me 5-10 photos to be satisfied and to get the look that I want (I know you are thinking that I am so OC!) Most of the time I shot my photos with MANUAL Mode, yes you read it right. ASUS ZenFone Selfie has Manual Mode so I can play my photos and what I love the most is that I can blur it without using any  blur effects! How will you not love that?

Do you have other tips on taking an Instagram worthy photos? Share it below 🙂

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