Why Tagaytay is the Best Place for Your Dream Bohemian Wedding

The cool climate, incontestable magnificence, and relaxing atmosphere. These are just a few words to describe Tagaytay. No wonder most couples choose Tagaytay as a venue for their weddings.

In today’s bridal scene, bohemian themed weddings are so popular among modern brides; its simplicity makes it effortlessly gorgeous and its reasonably priced. In addition, this theme allows the playful, free-spirited, and eccentric personality of the bride and groom to shine through in every aspect of the celebration.

This is why Tagaytay is very much prevalent among pairs who plans their own bohemian wedding. Aside from the details given above, here are more reasons why you should opt Tagaytay as a venue for your ‘boho’ wedding ceremony.


Scenic Views

If you are a couple that loves nature, or you just want to have that fauna setting for your nuptial day, then Tagaytay is the perfect place for you.

Tagaytay has a lot to offer when it comes to landscapes and sceneries. The place is abundant with striking and stunning sights, such as Taal Volcano, famed recreational parks, and vintage-themed restaurants that will surely add beauty to your wedding.

Fresh Breeze and the Tranquil Ambience

Aside from Baguio, Tagaytay has been the people’s go-to location whenever its hot in the Metro area. The fresh and cool breeze that the place provides never fail to make a person calm and relax. This is what makes Tagaytay an ideal place for your wedding day.

When you choose Tagaytay as your primary venue for your big day, you are certain that its invigorating breeze will stay all year round. For this reason, Tagaytay is the perfect place for a festivity like a wedding, reception, after-party, and even for your honeymoon!


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Stress Free

As the preparations comes to an end and the big day is just around the corner, the people involved, especially the soon-to-be-wed couples, becomes more anxious and stressed. This is where the calming and relaxing atmosphere of Tagaytay comes in.

Tagaytay provides a laid-back and serene mood which will certainly help relieve everyone’s stress and calm them down. As a result, you will acquire a peaceful feeling all throughout the gathering. This is why it is known as the “quick escape getaway” place for most people.


If your guests decide to check-in around the vicinity of your wedding venue, then its best that you give them the best sightseeing experience while waiting for the actual wedding day.

Tagaytay has a lot of attractive places that your guests can discover and experience. Such places like Sky Ranch, Picnic Grove, Puzzle Museum, and numerous restaurants that serve the local’s finest Bulalo in town, altogether create an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Choosing Tagaytay as your wedding venue entails a lot of advantages. First, it has a grandiose landscape along with its fresh and peaceful setting will give you that vibe of a fairytale wedding, just better. Second, it will keep you away from the noisy buzz of the city and will replenish your mind and soul, giving you that healthy and beautiful bridal glow. Lastly, the place is only a 2-hour drive from the city, which makes it very accessible for your guests to come at the festivity.

What are you waiting for? Make your wedding memorable by choosing Tagaytay as your wedding spot now!

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