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This spacious handheld bag, featuring a detachable strap for shoulder carry, is presented here with a neo-Sakura motif. Le Pliage Néo reinvents the Le Pliage line in an urban, unmistakably contemporary style. New high-tech details give the collection a modern feel. Spacious and lightweight, the Le Pliage Néo bags make the perfect companion for the modern …

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The long wait is over, Longchamp 2017 Collection is here!


Longchamp has arrive with a lot of wonderful collection for their Spring-Summer collection this year and what really excites me is that these designs are simple yet very sophisticated and one design is super quirky! Here’s the 2017 Longchamp Collection: LE PLIAGE CUIR RAYÉ  HANDBAGS This spacious bag features a detachable strap for shoulder carry and …

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20 steps on how to make Longchamp Heritage

Longchamp Heritage

Ever wonder how Longchamp Heritage was made? This bag really catches my eyes, but it’s worth 50,000 Php or at least $1035. This bag has been going around the online selling world and was sold for Php 5,000 and I told myself what the heck! This bags is a work of art and really worth …

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Longchamp 2016 New Collection

Longchamp 2016 New Collection

Longchamp was indeed the most counterfeited bag I know, I’ve been receiving tons of email about their bags and I’ve looking for the perfect online partner to revert my reader’s golden question, “Where can we buy then?” and I have not yet answered them. I always ended up asking them to go to Longchamp Store …

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The Many Bags of Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub

Maine Mendoza Yaya Dub

We saw Maine Mendoza grow as an actress and comedienne and she really excels in want she do. Do most of the time she got bashed by people who doesn’t like her. We’ve seen her many times in the television with her tons of endorsements and her recent movie Imagine you and me. But, have …

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[Updated] How to Spot: Longchamp Le Pliage NEO

Longchamp Neo

What does the bag tag code means? Here are the details: The first 4 digits means Longchamp Le Pliage Style Codes Le Pliage Small Long Handles 2605089 Le Pliage Large Long Handles (EU version) 1899089 Le Pliage Large Long Handles (pre-2012 discontinued US Version) 2724089 Le Pliage Short Handles Large Travel Bag 1624089 Le Pliage …

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[Updated] Limited Edition Longchamp Bags

Longchamp bags

Hey Bagistas! I’ve been so obsessed with checking LC (longchamp) bags and now I will be listing down limited edition Longchamp bags and I will try my best to write down all the details about each bag. By the way I did some research on the net mohave these information. *please also note that photos …

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Bag Alert: New Longchamp Bags to love!


Hello dearies and fellow bag addicts! I just having my late night shenanigans again because I can’t sleep and in pain again that is why I stalked Longchamp’s website to look for new bags to admire and hopefully soon to have haha! So here are some amazing bags that I love to share with you …

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How to SPOT: Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion tote in Coral is from Longchamp’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Longchamp has revived their famous Le Pliage line with this new illusion tote collection. This bag features a dazzling textured design with a very soft and sophisticated triangular shape weaved that has a 3D effect. It is also blended with white and …

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Latest Bag deals on Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo Philippines

Almost all of you know that I am a bag hag and that bag addiction becomes a passion for helping people spot the fake ones from the real deal. I also love shopping online, but most online shopping website really don’t mind if they are selling the real deal. That is why I super love …

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