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Top 5 flat shoes I’ve been dying to wear

I’ve been using flats shoes or ballet shoes in going out to an event or just chilling out with my kids and family. Flats had always been a staple shoe in my wardrobe, since I am a mom and most of the time I run and chase my kids. So flat shoes is a very… Read More Top 5 flat shoes I’ve been dying to wear

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Battle of the BAGS, Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s goes Tokyo

Kate Spade’s newest arrival is all about Tokyo! Take a peek on their new collection below: Hello Tokyo Zena [line] Hello Tokyo Cat [line] Hello Tokyo Bento Box [line] Hello Tokyo Coin Purse [line]Hello Tokyo Medium Bella WrsitletIt feels like we are really in Tokyo, Japan! Can’t wait to have one of these soon 🙂*… Read More Kate Spade’s goes Tokyo

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How to spot the NOT, Kate Spade, Tips and Tricks

How to SPOT: Kate Spade

Where does Kate Spade bag made?   USA, China, Taiwan (straw bags), Italy (leather), Indonesia and the Philippines (straw bags up to 2002 only). You read it right CHINA and the PHILIPPINES (straw bags only)! Nylon bags are usually made from the US until 2002. Look at the brand tag, for leather it should be embossed… Read More How to SPOT: Kate Spade

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