Inquisitive Mommy: PU High Quality Leather Material Hand Bag from Goods.Ph

I love bags, it can be a luxury, branded or just a cute-sy bag I end up buying specially when that certain bag calls me, it is as if we […]

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Drool over Via Venetto’s newest bag collection

Handbag has been part of a woman’s arm candy. You can easily know what’s her mood for today through the bag she’s using. Via Venetto, the artisanal shoe brand and […]

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3 reasons why your lovely handbags can ruin you

The Bag investigator

Women loves bags and shoes, but some women (ehem.. like me) just loves and adores bag. It can be a luxury, branded or even just a plain bag, I love […]

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Michael’s Bright Idea

Bright colors are happy colors so Michael Kors newest bright collections will give more spark and brightness on our day check them below: Casey Leather Large Satchel “How do you […]

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Kate Spade’s goes Tokyo

Kate Spade’s newest arrival is all about Tokyo! Take a peek on their new collection below: Hello Tokyo Zena [line] Hello Tokyo Cat [line] Hello Tokyo Bento Box [line] Hello […]

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How to SPOT: Balenciaga Bag

I was asked about how to spot a fake Balenciaga bag. Since I don’t have that bag personally I am encouraging everyone to help me out here :). So for […]

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Anna Paquin loves Chloé Marcie Shoulder Bag

I’ve been a True Blood fan ever since I watched an episode on HBO then I started searching the net on where I can watch it from the start until […]

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Weird bags to LOVE

Bags, Bags, Bags. I think I really could not get enough of them. But what’s in store for today is the weird looking bags but we surely can’t get enough […]

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Taylor Swift loves Dolce and Gabbana

Taylor Swift is one of the best singer in the world. Besides her good voice she really caught my eyes for being the prim and proper young lady. I always […]

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How to SPOT: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Check on the tag. The back of the tag should have the details of the color of the bag and the style information. But always remember counterfeiters can do tags […]

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Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery on PLL

Aria Montgomery the high school student who falls in love with her English teacher Mr. Ezra Fitzgerald but we were not going to talked about their love story :). It […]

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