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How to avoid getting a fake bag online?

How to avoid getting a fake bag online?

There are a lot of online sellers on Facebook and Instagram lately and maybe you are asking yourself where should I get my very first branded or luxury bag? I know you have read a lot of articles like mine, but it’s really fun to help people out specially when they wanted the best for …

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Inquisitive Mommy: PU High Quality Leather Material Hand Bag from Goods.Ph


I love bags, it can be a luxury, branded or just a cute-sy bag I end up buying specially when that certain bag calls me, it is as if we have a connection with each other. Just recently I bought a bag from Goods.ph and I choose the black one since it is the easiest …

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The Many Bags of the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo

The Many Bags of Kathryn Bernardo-2

Hey Bagista’s! I’ve been loving this new segment on my blog about the many bags of celebrities and I know you are loving it too! Since I started it with Maine, then Nadine and Kim now here’s the “Teen Queen” Kathryn Bernardo. This morn beauty is so charming and very beautiful inside and out and …

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Drool over Via Venetto’s newest bag collection

Via Venetto_photo4

Handbag has been part of a woman’s arm candy. You can easily know what’s her mood for today through the bag she’s using. Via Venetto, the artisanal shoe brand and known for their fatto a mano (handcrafted) masterpieces, offers a finely crafted bags in stupendous designs, materials and textures that perfectly captivate a woman’s ever-changing …

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3 reasons why your lovely handbags can ruin you

The Bag investigator

Women loves bags and shoes, but some women (ehem.. like me) just loves and adores bag. It can be a luxury, branded or even just a plain bag, I love how bags calls me and ask me to buy them, you may think I am crazy, well I am a crazy bag collector and ever …

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Céline Spring 2016 Bag Collection


I never got a chance to touch or smell a Céline bag, but I am so much in love with this bag that I usually stalked their website and check out their latest designs. Everyone, including me is so much excited for the Spring 2016 Collection. Maybe you are asking why, because this collection is their strongest …

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Ways on giving TLC on your bags

Oh My Bag Ph-2

Our bags also needs so much TLC.  They may seem to be so durable and sturdy, but still…, they need much attention just like a baby.  They need proper cleaning, storing and protection.  I love bags, that is why I am always looking for ways that can retain my bags aesthetic quality.  I want my …

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(Updated: Get 10% Discount) Pack safe and travel safe with Pacsafe


Every travellers nightmare is being accused of having a bullet or drugs inside their bags. If you are a commuter you fear of losing your beloved mobile phone or other gadgets and money. There is this bag that will give you so much security whether you are traveling or commuting in the Metro. Pacsafe has …

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Ensogo Philipines’ newest bag deals

Ensogo Philippines.9

I’ve been finding the best bag for me. You all know I am a bag hag, but I’ve been in search of that perfect bag. I searched Ensogo’s website again to find some of the newest deals for bags. I am also eyeing also for a laptop bag that does not look like a laptop …

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Latest Bag deals on Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo Philippines

Almost all of you know that I am a bag hag and that bag addiction becomes a passion for helping people spot the fake ones from the real deal. I also love shopping online, but most online shopping website really don’t mind if they are selling the real deal. That is why I super love …

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