Michael’s Bright Idea

Bright colors are happy colors so Michael Kors newest bright collections will give more spark and brightness on our day check them below: Casey Leather Large Satchel “How do you […]

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How to SPOT: Balenciaga Bag

I was asked about how to spot a fake Balenciaga bag. Since I don’t have that bag personally I am encouraging everyone to help me out here :). So for […]

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How to SPOT: Furla Candy Bag


If you wish to purchase a Furla candy bag be sure to know where you could find a boutique in the area. This will help you to compare your newly […]

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Dreaming: Michael Kors Large Hamilton Camo

I was thinking of so many things tonight until I decided to browse the net and check in Michael Kors website since he is one of my fave designer and […]

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How to SPOT: Lacoste L.12.12

I received a message from someone (I prefer not to post her name) asking me to check her Lacoste L.12.12 . She gave me pictures of the bag that she […]

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An MK Experience

Michael Kors or MK has known to be a world class brand all over the world and also one of the most counterfeited brand. I just saw this post on […]

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How to SPOT: The North Face


Always check for the tag inside the bag it should be the holographic tag or the, The North Face Red tag. (Please see below pics) For bags like Big shots […]

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How to SPOT: Burberry

Burberry Nova Check Tote Bag Mostly Burberry tote bags are made in PVC also known as Vinyl Coated Canvass. It’s a leather like texture and stain free. Another area that […]

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How to SPOT: Guess

Check the tag, tag should have a rounded side not square. Some sellers removed the tags for Customs purposes.  Always check the tags inside stating the “MADE in CHINA”. Yes, […]

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(Updated)How to SPOT: Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon

Longchamp Bag

If you have Longchamp Neo Bag click here for how to spot the fake one.   How to take care of your Longchamp? If you already invest your hard earned […]

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How to SPOT: Michael Kors Accessories

Most of the MK accessories that you can find in the online market are made of STAINLESS STEEL but when you check Michael Kors website you can see that most […]

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