Summer time is fun time with Informatics summer school offerings!


Every summer I wanted my kids to enjoy it and do some summer jobs or summer workshops. My eldest son is into drawing and my youngest is into basketball, but sometime this month my youngest ask if her could do a different summer class and he wanted to do a game for himself. He’s really a game geek and knows how to do cheats and everything (literaly, I really don’t know what he’s really doing. haha!). So I told him I don’t know where we can enrol him since it’s really for grown ups.

Thanks to Informatics Philippines with the help of Wazzup Pilipinas, I was invited to a small talk about I.T. courses that allows kids to do I.T. things like what my youngest wanted. They have a lot of difference course for kids this summer (please see photo below).

Informatics Philippines

This summer course will surely bring the geeky-ness out in a kid and will surely be successful in life in the future, because they offer a 22 hours in one course (that’s a lot of learning for them). And being the leading I.T. school in the country I know that every course will be very knowledgable and also he will enjoy. And what’s more exciting is that Kweky can publish the game in Facebook!

At the end of summer our kids will be an I.T whiz and will surely learn new and a very different summer course they can share on their classmates when they go back to school. Informatics Philippines will surely help our kids land on the right path of what they really wanted in the I.T world.

Kids ages 7 until 15 can join the summer workshop and if you register early you can get up to 30% discount until April 15 only. So what are you waiting for? register your kids now!

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