Summer Outfit Ideas That You Can Wear Anywhere

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Summer is fast approaching. The air is slowly but surely becoming warmer while the sunshine is getting brighter. Have you already planned your beach/summer getaway? Perhaps, you could go to one of the resorts in Tablas Island since glamping here in the Philippines are just extraordinary when you want to relax and de-stress.

Do you have any ideas what to wear? If you haven’t thought about all these yet, don’t worry for there are several summer outfits you can try. Here are some of them now:

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Sun hats

Sun hats are well-known for being practical and fashionable. They can not only provide you protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but also make you feel and look really cute. Plus, they are very easy to take with you, no matter where you go. You can easily take them to your beach outings or during a Sunday brunch with your friends and family.

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Are your eyes hurting from the sun’s glares? Protect them by putting on a pair of sunglasses or shades. It does not matter whether you are on your summer getaway or just walking towards your office building. They are great in making sure your eyes remain healthy and clear. If you are looking for the most effective shades out there, you better get ones with SPF (sun protection factor).

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Tank tops

Tank tops have gotten really popular. Most fashion shops including Forever 21 and H&M are selling them in various styles and colors so you can have a wide selection. Go take your pick as they would come really handy these coming summer months. Don’t risk sweating in your regular blouse or shirts and opt for these ones instead!

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Summer dresses

Summer dresses can be fun to wear, especially when the sun is out. Be sure you have a variety of these so you can still look pretty under the summer heat! You can practically where them anywhere from your workplace to your date venue. You can also find a variety of them in fashion and apparel shops; just take your pick!

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Shorts are another piece of clothing that is super fun to wear. Since it is summer, wearing them is completely acceptable! Go and show off your legs. Don’t hide them inside your long, dark, and denim pants. Let them breathe once in a while. You can even choose to wear denim in shorts form; or you can opt to wear something made out of cotton instead.

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Flip flops

Flip flops is another summer clothing item that you can take almost anywhere. You can take them seaside or you can wear them to give your feet some comfort while you go strolling in the mall.

Havaianas is the top flip flop shop you can find in the Philippines. The store usually releases special collections during summer months, so watch out for that!

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If you aren’t a flip flop person, sandals are a good alternative. The good thing is they can go with any summer outfits including shorts, summer dresses, tank tops, etc. You can also take them everywhere you go – as long as they are in good quality.

Are you ready to take the heat?

Make sure you are by assembling all these outfits ahead of time!

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