Student 101: How To Be Globally Competitive

It is with every other school’s objective, whether a state or an international school in Manila and also around the world, to mold students into globally competitive individuals. This aim is not only for the school, or the country’s economy, rather for the students’ brighter future.

But how do schools help students turn into globally competitive individuals? In this article, we’ll emphasize the key factors that schools focus on developing in a student’s personality.



Nowadays, it is common for schools to incorporate a foreign language subject in their curriculum. This is to further enhance the student’s’ capability to converse with people from around the globe. In fact, in the Philippines, given that English is already a secondary language, schools also tend to incorporate other widely used foreign languages such as Spanish, Mandarin or Nihongo. After all, being able to learn and converse fluently in a different language allows a student to close the communication gap that’s particularly prevalent between varying cultures.

Moreover, possessing the ability to converse in a different language can provide the student various opportunities as begins his/her own career path. This is due to the fact that not all people have the ability to do so.



One of the most important key factors to be globally competitive is to be creative. Because while it is true that the world is progressing towards innovation with technology, that particular achievement would not be possible without the people behind it.

Hence, in schools, students are challenged to be creative with their everyday tasks. Whether it’s experimenting with Science, performing a different solution with Math, or creating a self-interpretation of a particular thought with Arts. The exercises can be endless, because who knows? These ideas can turn into products in the future. Something that can be contributed to the advancements of technology.



Another factor that can help a student be part of the globally competitive society is his/her willingness to accept new experiences.

Indeed, students can be easily intimidated with doing something different. Mainly, because they have to go out of their comfort zone, something that the youth generally fears the most. However, that should not be the case as every new experience is an opportunity to grow. Something that will help these students be wiser, tougher, and make great decisions in life. After all, it’s not that all times a student will have to face the same encounters. There will always be a point in time that they have to make tough decisions to make it through life. Plus of course, even their own goals will need extensive efforts to achieve them.


Key Takeaway

Being multilingual, creative, and willing to go out of your comfort zone are only some of the key factors that schools continuously focus on to molding in a student’s personality. That’s given that this will help them achieve their goals regardless of where they are and be able to move past challenges as they pursue their careers in time.


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