Stress Free and Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck in Traffic

There is a ton of things to do while in traffic – but what in particular? Given that you’re stuck in the middle of a road congestion, you can’t definitely make your way out nor wait for it (may patience be unto you) until it clears, no. So what to do? Well, here’s a list of stress free and fun things you can do while stuck in traffic. *Fighting*


  1. Have some good music

One way to relieve a traffic-induced stress is to have some good music. You may think about turning the radio on – but the probable playlist may not satisfy you, plus, the network may get a bit static due to the congestion on the road. The best option you’ve got at the moment? Grab your phone and choose the kind of music you’d really want to listen to at the moment. That way, not only did you get rid of the traffic stress – but also the building stress that may ignite in you if you’ve opt for a random music, which may or may not turn out bad. More so, you can even sing your heart out because you are already familiar of the song – isn’t that just great?


  1. Grab a good book to read

Have you read Bob Ong’s books? How about the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s ‘Stupid’ books? By a ‘good’ book, this means something you can laugh about and enjoy at the moment. You have to keep them in your car for a while so you can read them at the most stressful traffic jam you’ll encounter in your lifetime. Guaranteed these books will definitely relieve all the stress in your body – even the smallest particle of it.


  1. Try learning a new language

If you’re a city person – the average number of occurrences on encountering traffic jam may almost be superficial. Hence, instead of dwelling on negative thoughts while you’re stuck on [heavy] traffic, why not try something new? Perhaps learn a new language? It’s an easy access due to the various language learning apps that you can find on the app stores and the process is fitting to the situation given that road congestions eat a huge amount of time in particular. Furthermore, it contributes to your knowledge, so why not?


  1. Clean your car

If you’re the type of person who tends to hurry most of the time and forgets to tidy things in your car – then this is the best time to do so (no more excuses!). Clean your auto with a small broom, collect empty bottles and coins under your seat, and wipe your dashboard of probable dusts. You’ll definitely feel much relaxed after doing so – and productive, of course.


  1. Plan tomorrow with a to-do list

Given that you still have to go to work tomorrow, why not make a to-do list to organize your day? It will definitely help you prepare and get tomorrow in shape and void of mess. If you’re already down and the traffic hasn’t died down yet, then list down what you need to do at home, things you need at work, or things you wanted to work on to better improve yourself. After all, you have all the time to think about these things.

Key Takeaway

Traffic jam is the most constant thing in the universe – and if you can’t deal with it, then find ways to ignore it. It isn’t always about what you can do to change the fact that there’s a congestion on the road – rather, it’s about taking that time onto your advantage (regardless of how awful it is) to get things done at that particular moment.

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