How Social Media Will Improve Your Ranking

The world of Communication has evolved exponentially, so has the Internet that brought it along. With numerous features and a lot of other things technology has to offer, an abundance of social media advantages is presented to the populace.

But the question presents itself: ‘How can Social Media Increase My Ranking in the Web?’. In today’s time line, search engine optimization, otherwise known by many as ‘SEO’, tackles on various tasks to ensure their clients’ ranking on search engines such as Google. Basically, the industry ensures that their clients are placed on the first page on Google.

When it comes to Social Media, it works hand-in-hand with various concepts and others. Though usually seen as a form of advertisement, social media actually helps get the word around. Here are some of the few things that may help answer the question as to how Social Media can be of assistance to your site’s ranking.


1.  With Social Media, Traffic is Almost a Definite Guarantee

Since Social Media helps get the word around, there’s a huge chance for traffic to set in, which despite its usual definition, is a good thing for your site. This just simply means that your site is taking in a lot of visitors and racking up a mass number of your target audience.

With this, one of the things you should always remember is that the more traffic, the more visitors and in turn, more revenue for your site.


2.  With Social Media, the Word Count Isn’t Much

You may have noticed that when you read article titles in social media pages, the word count isn’t really given emphasis…at least for the title. What matters for the title is how it’s written and the formation of the title as a whole.

However, word count is still very much prioritized when you start reading the entire article. The body of what you’re reading should be able to explain and support its title in a certain number of words. In social media terms, your word count should be enough to captivate any potential reader, which in turn brings in more visitors and increases your ranking in the web.


3.  With Social Media, You Advertise

Though the usual association with social media is a form of advertising, it isn’t necessarily that heavy of an emphasis. Yes you attract potential visitors, customers, and clients via Social Media, but on the client’s side, you present to them what they can do and entice them to go to their site.


4.  With Social Media, People of All Ages Are Attracted 

While this term may be a bit broad, this is true nonetheless. Since almost everyone nowadays is involved with Social Media, people of all ages are able to see what you put out. In SEO terms, this means that the more likely they will click on what you post and start reading.


5.  With Social Media, Start-Up Companies Get a Huge Boost

This is the most evident of advantages as to how Social Media can help with your site’s ranking. With numerous start-up companies relying on technology, your site has a huge potential to garner a massive online following in a period of time. All it takes is a bit of patience, determination, and a lot of good outputs.


So there you have it. The next time you find yourself doubting social media ad its influence on the online community and industry, think again. Technology and its contents have surely helped shaped the world into what it is today, and with the introduction of SEO and Social Media, businesses will surely skyrocket.




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