Each of us may be aware or at least may have heard the “domino effect”, it is defined as a sum of results that are produced when a single event causes a succession of similar events.  True enough, because just like Domino’s Pizza, they have been true to this meaning.  In addition, there are also a lot new in store for their customers.  The country’s leading pizza delivery expert has proven that when customers receive a delicious box of Domino’s pizza, the effect is the feeling of joy, delight and cheerfulness.  To add on, having Domino’s pizza takes away the daily weariness and hardships of the day.  It also lets us focus on “love at first bite” which is the #DominosEffect!

Based on social media stats, it is almost 1 million viewers who have seen the #DominosEffect video.  For those who have not yet seen the video, here’s the link:

When a company expresses to the people that they understand and empathizes with the always problem of Metro Manila traffic and makes a sincere gesture to put smile on their faces, making it unquestionable why the viral video that is the #DominoEffect has taken the Internet by storm.

Based from the company, they say that, “delivering delight, one pizza at a time.”  Definitely Domino’s Pizza, will surely mean delight…, but, the meaning of sharing and spreading this #DominosEffect is what makes it more meaningful and it deserves to be passed on.  With such belief, the world now has another reason to have more smiles, joy and laughter.



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