Signs Your Dog is Losing Their Eyesight

Canine cataract is a serious condition that if left unrecognized could cause your dog a lot of discomfort and could affect their overall behavior. As dogs get up there in age, eyesight is one of the first things that gets affected. It’s important that you are able to recognize when your dog is starting to have trouble with their eyesight. Aside from smell dogs are very dependent on their ability to see and if they end up losing this it might be too much adjustment both for them and for you, so it is important you pay close attention to the signs that they are losing their eyesight.

canine cataract

Physical Changes to Their Eyes

One key you have to pay attention to is the physical appearance of their eyes, more specifically their pupils. As you look at their pupils you may notice that their eyes have changed color or could look a bit cloudy. This means they are developing cataract and could start having blurred vision. Luckily there are treatments for cataract as long as you recognize it in its early stages. The moment you suspect that it is starting to develop, take them to the vet immediately.

Tends to Play Less

If you find that your dog is starting to lose interest with playing with their toys or is becoming less active in general, this means one of two things, they are getting way too old or they are having trouble seeing the environment already. If he does not react to the toys when it is thrown around or when you try to play with them, there is a chance they are simply not seeing them.

Moving Differently

The way your dog moves around could also be used as a sign on whether their eyesight is starting to go or not. A dog is starting to lose their vision if you notice them moving slower around the area, this is because they are weary of where and how they are moving being careful not to bump into anything. You could also see that they start being clumsier, not having good depth perception and starting to bump into things around the house. Climbing up and down stairs has become a challenge for them, becoming slower and more hesitant.

Different Reaction Time

If your dog is struggling with their eyesight they are not as aware with what is happening to their surroundings. Even if you are holding their favorite treat or toy from a distance they may not react to this as quickly as before. This also means that your dog can get easily startled. They might not notice you or others around them and be startled once you’re right next to them. They may also not recognize you immediately and get startled as if you were a stranger.

All dogs may go through this as they age, one thing you should never do is panic, remember to be patient with them because they are coping with it. You could also invest time in bringing them to the vet and finding solutions to their problems in order for them to still live as close to normal as possible.

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