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School Trends Then and Now

We are now living at possibly the height of the digital age.  The transfer of information today is so fast and real-time that it takes very little effort for information to go viral. Whether you’re a normal kid in a local high school in Argentina or studying in the best international school in Manila, no doubt that technology has helped you in your learning capabilities.  The older generation say that kids are luckier today because of all this technology that people use daily.  The younger generation complains that life is still hard, no matter what their older siblings or parents say.  Here’s a list of trends that kids can identify with, then and now.


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Photographs back then had to be developed in Kodak shacks found in or around the mall areas.  When you’re out with your friends and building memories, the pictures aren’t instantly shared.  Kids had to pool money enough to have the films developed and in multiple copies so that each one can have a piece of memory with them.  Instant pictures were exclusive for polaroids, where the picture comes out immediately from the camera.  But the polaroids didn’t exactly allow you to produce multiple copies.  Cameras had to have film, bought from the store and use it for regular cameras.  Polaroids, too, had to have a magazine attached in order for you to take snapshots of memories.


Cameras today can be found in almost any gadget that people use daily.  Phones are equipped with high resolution cameras to take the best possible photo, which can instantly be shared among one another.  There are also film-less cameras, both for the regular user and for professional use.  There are even cameras that can be submerged underwater, or flown through the air.  Film cameras are now regulated to a “fine” art instead of the norm, considering the skill, time, and equipment it takes for a single roll of film with 24 shots to be developed.




Writing about, let’s say “The Life Cycle of the Common Tick” takes tremendous effort to do, and there is only one main resource to get that information; the Library.  The researcher would have to crawl through the index of library to locate the right book or the right Encyclopedia volume.  The researcher must then take manual notes about the topic while manually sifting through information.  The researcher must also properly cite the resources for the given information.


Researching is now easier than ever.  The researcher goes on the World Wide Web and research on any topic.  The challenge becomes identifying whether the resourced material is a legitimate source.  Databases like scholarly journals and legitimate websites are very helpful and informative that gives researchers the correct and comprehensive information.  Citing sources become a click away.  There are websites that will instantly make your citation in your preferred format like the MLA citation or the APA format.


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Accessories for school consisted of the essential Trapper-Keeper, Pilot pens, calculators, maybe a beeper, and the indispensable Coleman water jug.  If you don’t know what a Trapper-Keeper was, then you’re definitely missing out on studying.  Trapper-Keepers are typically large binders that hold everything, from your Pilot pens to stickers, your school notes, your calculator, a ruler, penned notes from your classmates, and everything else in between.  Trapper-Keepers are usually decorated with stickers of all types, of snipped magazine images, or your doodles.  Trapper-Keepers were everything cool that kids today are definitely missing out on.


Kids in grade school have their own phones these days.  Students cannot begin to study without an internet connection.  Tablets are where kids keep their notes, whether they be photographs of notes of their classmates, photographs of the blackboard, or uploaded from a file shared through social media applications.  There are endless ways for information to be passed around, and as technology progresses, so do the creativity of the generation.


The main difference between studying then and studying now is the major effort that students need to exert in order to excel in their studies.  The amount of manual note-taking is a skill that the older generation properly practiced.  However, accessibility to information and the practice of identifying legitimate information from a false one is a practice best attributed to the present generation.  Students from the best international school in Manila have the same accessibility to information with students from the Middle East, all through the internet medium.



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