A Scholar’s Peregrination in becoming the pre-eminent Civil Engineer

British School Manila

John Daryl Pitcheller recently presents his ground-breaking research on PVC Waste at the nternational Conference on the Environmental Quality Concern (EQC) in the National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan. He is a Civil Engineer student from Adamson University in Manila.

In his presentation, entitled Waste Polyvinyl Chloride as Tensile Reinforcement to Asphalt Pavement, John Daryl proposed that instead of throwing away waste PVC materials, these should be recycled and used as an additive to asphalt to improve the tensile strength of pavements.

The conference panel and delegates are from all over South East Asia and all are very impressed in what is his research are all about.

“I was inspired to make a difference.” said John Daryl.

John Daryl was very lucky, because he was the beneficiary of British School Manila run scholarship programme which he thinks that this an instrumental in giving him a chance to pursue his studies.

British School Manila

“The British Education Inc.’s Scholarship Programme (BEI), run by volunteers from the British School Manila (BSM), really opens the door to a lot of opportunities to students like me,” he said.

Usually, BSM only supports scholars until they graduate college, but the school break their own rules and take a bug leap, because they see an opportunity for one of their scholars to shine.

“I did not know that the BEI programme would continue to support me attending this international event,” John said.

“I was in my final semester when the conference took place and I had actually already graduated [last March 2015]. So I had little hope that Mr. Egan would approve my request, because this was not initially part of the contract. But eureka – the trip was all expenses paid!”

The ‘Mr. Egan’ that John refers to is the Vice Chair of the British School Manila Board of Governors, Mr Brendan Egan, who along with a handful of local staff volunteers from WIth”Mr. Egan” which is John referring to is the Vice Chair of the British School Manila Board of Governors, Mr Brendan Egan. Who bravely take John the chance to pursue what his research for. Bam run the BEI Programme, this is an initiative and 100% funded by the school, which helps graduate students from Taguig Public school to reach their dreaming of finishing school by giving them a full scholarship to college and the course of their choice.

“A BEI scholarship covers full tuition for any specified course, at any specified college in Metro Manila,” said Mr. Egan when questioned. “All necessary books are paid for upon presentation of an official receipt, as is any required uniform.  An allowance is also provided for snacks and transportation,” he continued.

John Daryl received the BEI scholarship after a rigorous selection process managed by volunteer staff from BSM.  John Daryl’s perseverance helped him to he received the BEi Scholarship after a very hard selection process.

Volunteers from the school, such as Erwin Adevoso help candidates through the pre-screening process. “To get on the short list and be interviewed by the Committee, candidates are selected based on their credentials,” says Erwin. “But we also want these young people to be able to communicate well with us.”  Erwin continues, “This is where I get involved, sitting down with each one, in an effort to calm their nerves and help them feel comfortable and ready to share their personal stories and why they need the scholarship, in some detail.”

John Daryl was very hesitant to accept the BEI scholarship, because he is so worried about his parents’ financial ability to sustain his tertiary studies. He may be an only child, but his parents are supporting their relatives.

John said, “When I was chosen for the BEI scholarship programme, it was a big help since it provided for everything. So I didn’t have to do anything, except study. I just had to do my best.”

The BEI scholarship also entitled him to be given a fully-equipped desktop PC, so he did not have to rent computers to work on school requirements.

“It’s more than manna from heaven, because it isn’t just a grant that comes to you monthly,” he said, recalling how the scholarship influenced his life. “I hope that BEI Inc. and the British School Manila will continue this kind of support for their scholars because it can impact them in ways a four-walled classroom can never do.”

John Daryl graduated with Academic Merit last year, and recently passed the Civil Engineering Board Exams. He is currently happily employed.

The British School Manila (BSM) is a highly regarded co-educational British international school established in 1976. The School is proud to uphold the high standard of the British education system and we take full advantage of our multi-cultural setting. We are accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and also a member of The Federation of British International Schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia (FOBISSEA) and The Independent Association of Prep School (IAPS).


At present 900+ students aged 3-18 are on BSM’s roll and 35 nationalities are represented. British children make up 33%, Filipino 22%, Canada 9% ,Australians 8% and American 6% of the total population.

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