Sanicare + A Play day = A perfect combination for our little one’s hygiene

As moms we always tend to give everything and anything to our little bundle of joy. And I must say that motherhood or parenthood is not an easy task to take. We will not just take care of our kids, but we will always make sure that they are using products that are safe and high quality.

I’ve been an avid user of the wipes even before I became a parent, I cannot leave the house without my wipes, alcohol and dry tissue with me. I dunno what’s in that 3 hygiene products but I cannot live without them, that why when I become a mom I didn’t have any problem with it as it came really handy, but the brand I am using then was just okay with me when I was single, but I am having second thoughts when my kids would use it. I’ve tried a lot and finally I’ve found Sanicare!

My kids are all grown up but they still use Sanicare for their wet and dry tissue that they use in school. Kwek and I even attend the Play day event sponsored by Sanicare as they launched new quality products that will surely keep my kids hygiene on top of my list. Kwek loves the new sanitizer as it became foamy when you spray it (I think moms to toddlers will surely make cleaning an easy one with this kind of sanitizer).

What I really love about Sanicare is that is a Filipino owned company which care for my kids so much as they themselves use their products to their kids and as a mom I always believe and teach m children to buy local products as we are helping fellow Filipinos grow.

By the way the play day was also a simple yet memorable moment for mom to be Bianca Gonzalez-Intal as they welcome their second child. So happy to part of it and celebrate her new milestone with her.

Sanicare promises to provide innovative personal hygiene products that will accompany every Filipino Moms to their life journey.

To know more about how Sanicare can give you one less worry, you can visit the Sanicare Facebook page here:

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