Tips on how to maintain your LPG tank

As a mom, I manage to be the plumber, sometimes gardener, the maintenance man and the referee at home. And I think most moms do these things, too. Keeping our home clean and tidy is not just the end of the things we do; we also need to ensure that our house and family are safe from inside and out.

Here are some tips on how we ensure safety in our home:

General Safety and Security

1. Make sure to install deadlocks. I can say I call it my best friend as we installed deadlocks on our front door, our bedroom door, as well as the kid’s bedroom door.

2. I taught my children to ask the person knocking “who is it?” before opening the door. We also installed a 360 Camera on the front door to see who is outside first.

3. Our dog may not be as big as a guard dog, but I can assure you he is one hell of a guard dog for a small-sized dog. Most of the time, he barks when he does not know the smell of the person knocking outside and he also serves as the “earthquake alerter”. I remember during the last earthquake that hit, he kept on barking.

4. Never leave your phone on a high-pitched tone when going out of town. Usually, when you leave your phone high-pitched and no one is answering, it indicates that your house is unguarded at the moment.

Fire Safety

1. Never ever leave a candle unattended.

2. When leaving your house, unplug all appliances. You can also save on electricity if you do this.

3. When you do not have a separate cooking area in your house, always remember to open your windows or doors to ensure enough ventilation in your kitchen area.

5. Do not place plastic containers near your stove as it can catch fire easily.

And here are some tips on maintaining your LPG Tank

1. Always remember to buy from authorized and reputable LPG providers like Solane, as we are super sure that their LPG tanks are safe and well-inspected.

2. When detecting a leak, never turn on the flame of your stove. This may cause fire and can endanger you, your loved ones, and your house.

3. Regularly check your LPG hose and replace as needed to ensure safety and avoid any kind of leak. Use a soapy water solution to check for any leaks in the LPG hose.

Final reminder: We can be safe at home with the tips above, but we should always remember

to choose safe and high quality LPG like Solane. Dapat lang safe and secured ang ating pamilya when it comes to choosing the right LPG brand. With an LPG tank from authorized Solane distributors, we can also be sure that the tank’s weight is exact. No waste of time and money when we use Solane! So for any LPG requirement, Dapat SOLANE Lang!

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