What a roller coaster ride for TBI this 2017!

This year was so crazy and when I say crazy it’s really crazy! Here are the things why:

  • I found a new home at tApfluencer (the Asian parent). Yey for that and I’ve never been so happy with them!
  • The uber big trouble of my marital life which lead us to break up and I was super ready to be single again and then he came back.
  • A lot of projects from well known brands which I am so happy to be part of.
    • Got to taste Boulangerie’s cakes thanks for being our partners this year.
    • Tasting Taiwan’s large Chicken, thanks to Hot Star for the never ending large chicken.
    • Gautier Manila for the trust you have given us.
    • Tried Molecular Gastronomy in Bulacan, Thanks to Philippine Information Agency for the invite and for helping TBI be close with history and the country’s pride.
    • Being part of the Delgado Hospital’s 1st time mommy unit and teasing Joy Gurtiza she’s preggy haha and it came out true! Love you Joy!
    • A lot of 1 time big time article writing from international brands and sites.
    • My Tutuban adventure finding uniforms and other mommy stuff for P1,000 and I did it without any additional expenses.
  • Thanks also to those brands and pr agencies who always supports my cause on feeding children in our community. Hope to partner again with you on 2018 and we are planning to impart it to kids of Operation Smile this time.
  • To my ASUS family for alway being there whenever I need a new phone haha! And for always including me on all your out of town trips! Yey for IloIlo and the IloIlo Supermart Tropas! Missing my Batanes tropas na din.
  • To Thiocell for being part of my beauty routine and so as the hubby who see to it that we both take gluta on time. Thanks Rome for the supply!
  • To my Converse family who never cease to remember TBI on every collection releases. Not just new shoes but also the love and care for TBI. Love you Miss O and Jeff!
  • To my ELRO family for always spoiling and making sure that we have the latest flip flops from their brands.
  • This is also the year were my marital store got out to the Asian parent, but I never regret any of it even the bashers I got from it and all the hate messages I got because of it. I earned a lot of friends and women who also experienced and experiencing same situation as mine. A lot hated me but there are more people who give virtual hugs and kisses to my family.
  • Thanks also to my bosses who trusted their brand to me and work my social media magic to their brands.
  • I may not mention all the brands I’ve worked with this year, but I am so happy working with you all guys and it’s really a pleasure for TBI.
  • Finally I am also thankful to this person who won’t stop bothering me and my kids even at school for letting us know that we are strong individually and much stronger as a FAMILY. You may say a lot of bad things about me, but I have a FAMILY that’s indestructible and at the end of the day no one even you can break us.

This year was one hell of a crazy ride, but I am strong and TBI is much stronger! No crazy woman can make TBI or Arcee Miranda go down. We wish 2018 a much crazier, but less crazy on the “woman” I am telling you and to all the friends and partners that I made TBI is ready for 2018! Happy Holidays everyone, from all of us in TBI!

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