RiteMed Launch a Mobile Application

RiteMed Appliction

Finding affordable and quality medicine that’s right for you is now easier than ever: just through a click of a button—or more accurately, a tap on your smartphone screen. RiteMED, the country’s top provider of quality and affordable generic drugs, launched its first ever mobile application, designed to help educate Filipinos about the more affordable options that they have when purchasing medicines for different illnesses.

Doctors at the Philippine College of Physician who registered their tablets were the first to try the RiteMED mobile application. The app was a quick download to their devices, and this immediately gave them the lowdown on how it operates, the contents, and its benefits.

RiteMed Appliction

With RiteMED being the most trusted name in generic drugs, more and more patients are asking for its version of the medicines and other health products that they need.

“This inspired the brand to create a mobile application that is also in line with its campaign ‘Wag mahiyang mag tanong sa doktor kung may RiteMED’,” says RiteMED Product Associate Bea Armada.

The application, available for all Android users, not only provides a list of RiteMED products, it also gives an accurate price comparison with branded medicines. Other useful features of the app include a list of illnesses with a matching RiteMED Medicine, along with information on the specific drug; videos that highlight RiteMED’s Advocacies; and price updates on products, which works when the app is updated through the (Google Play). Though updates can only be accessed with an internet connection, other contents of the mobile app function even when offline, making it very convenient for everyone, everywhere.

RiteMed Application RiteMed Application


“The RiteMED mobile application easily brings helpful health and drug information right to your fingertips,” says Armada.

It has always been the company’s mission to offer every Filipino quality and affordable medicines, which in turn will lead to a healthier Philippines; and this application is just another part of its continuous effort to reach out and provide everyone the right to safe, effective, and cost-efficient healthcare.

RiteMed Application RiteMed Application

The RiteMED app can be downloaded for free on Google Play and will soon be available for iOS users.

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