The Rise of Mixed Use Design in the Philippines

mixed use design

This fast-paced world has set the bar for efficiency onto a whole new level. People are multi-tasking what they can and finishing their to-do lists as quick as possible. This has affected the lifestyle of people and how they approach daily tasks. Now even the design of buildings is catering to this trend. This development in architecture, mixed-use design, is a vision developers have, to integrate commercial, institutional and industrial functions with residential buildings. They are looking to provide everything you need all in one place.

work life balance

Work Life Balance
More and more Filipinos are investing in balancing their work life with their social activities. You should know that all work and no play makes for a dull life. Now there is a demand from office workers for avenues to enjoy life or play after work. Real estate developers have taken notice and are looking to capitalize on this opportunity by using mixed-use developments as a means to bring the options closer to them. Imagine having your work place at the same place as your favorite bar or restaurant, so no matter how much stress your boss give or whatever victories you have at work, the perfect place to celebrate is not just an elevator ride away.

mixed use design

Mixed-use design will also aim to integrate the residential functions of a building with commercial, don’t be surprised if there are buildings that are condominiums on top and have shopping areas as their first few floors. It is no longer an advantage for properties to be close to big shopping malls and convenience areas. Nowadays where you live and where you do your groceries are located in the same place, this is not a rarity so make sure to keep your eyes open for properties like this. There are also residential properties that are either the same property as an office building or a walkway away. Imagine the amount of sleep you get from that travel time saved. Peaking of travel time, mixed-use developments also save you from the trouble of commuting or driving. You don’t have to face that dreadful metro manila traffic anymore and you never have to starve on the way to dinner because you’re stuck in EDSA.

mixed use design
Having mixed-use development is efficient for real estate developers, it coincides with the saying killing two birds with one stone. Instead of building horizontally developers have opted to build vertically. This is more cost-efficient and saves more land for other developments. Even the smallest spaces can be turned into a strong and diverse community. These small communities are a benefit to the environment as well since all of the places you need to be in such as the office or the mall is already in one place, there’s no need to consume gas. Areas created by these developments are usually filled with bike roads and safe for pedestrians to go around on foot. This will provide residents great exercise and reduce the need for cars.

The increasing number of job opportunities and the improving economy in the Philippines is the biggest factor why these mixed-use developments are a success and are in demand. The purchasing power of the Filipinos have increased and their lifestyle has changed at that. They still want to be able to work as hard as they can but they want a convenient solution to their work life balance. Mixed-use developments are not just a new architectural strategy but it is a step to a more efficient future which aims to be sustainable and convenient.

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