Rice on the go with our favourite tuna, 555 Tuna Rice!

Traveling is really a lifestyle, that is why I make it a point that I can travel once or twice in a year, but with my condition I need to eat rice or heavy meal before taking meds and it’s really heard to carry packed rice meals. Maybe may favourite tuna heard my sentiments about it and them came up with, 555 Tuna Rice!

555 Tuna Rice

I can eat anywhere with my 555 Tuna Rice. Thanks to Century Pacific Food Inc., one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country today. They have introduced a very piquant and innovative addition to their roster of popular 555 Tuna product. The concept of this new tuna rice line is to let every individual a choice of having a tuna rice on the go, specially when then they don’t have time to cook. This “ulam” and “kanin” combination is packed in a very convenient foil pouch, it is first of a kind in the market which consumer will surely enjoy their true kumpleTUNA experience anytime and anywhere, living up with the promise of “Ka-eat saan, Sarap!”

555 Tuna Rice


555 Tuna Rice

They also have a very zany and sensational new product endorser for 555 Tuna Rice and he is no other than, Bogart the Explorer! Which really matches his lifestyle, since he does travel a lot and gets hungry a lot (don’t get mad at me, Bogart). Whenever he’s on  location to shoot for his show or when hungers strikes on a traffic day he can instantly eat it whether on the pouch or he’ll microwave it.

555 Tuna Rice

Catch Bogart the Explorer as he shares his latest adventures online and in billboards and banners, bringing him the different 555 Tuna Rice variants to make his exploits more fun, energetic and deliciously interesting!

555 Tuna Rice comes with 3 new varieties: Tuna Rice Afritada, Tuna Rice Adobo, and Tuna Rice Sisig. Where each flavour is capturing a home cooked meal. The suggested retail price is P27.50  and it is available at all leading supermarkets and grocery stores in LUZON.

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