Vittorio’s Steak House

Vittorio’s Steak House is located at 121 Forab Building, Kamuning, Quezon City. Vittorio’s Steak House name came from Chef Vittorio’s father, since he dedicated it to him and by the way Vittorio’s Steak House is not supposed be the name, it should be Vittorio’s Restaurant, but due to name registration issues Vittorio’s Steak House was approved to be the restaurant’s name. Vittorio’s Steak House is on its second month, but they have “artists and singers” as their guests.



So here’s my review regarding Vittorio’s Steak House.

Outside the restaurant: They have ample parking lot and they are near EDSA. Their signage is also can easily see.


Inside the restaurant: Dim lighting which is very suitable for a date. They have a lot of paintings inside. The chairs are comfy.

SAM_1395.JPG SAM_1396.JPG SAM_1397 SAM_1401

Their Table Setting


Their Best Appetizers

Calamari with Wasabi Aioli. The Calamari is thinly sliced, so if you’re into thick slices you may not like it but the squid is not rubbery and the dip is AWESOME!
Buttered Garlic Shrimp (gambas). It’s super buttery. If you’re not a garlic lover like me, you will still love it! It’s because you can taste the garlic but not that strong.
Crab and Shrimp Pizza. Super thick but easy eat and full of shrimp and crab.
Thai Chicken Pizza with Peanut Sauce. This is one of a kind pizza and I love it so much! As if you are eating a peanut butter with veggies.
Chop Noodles Salad. Super tasty and spicy, but not overly spicy.

Their Pasta

Clam Pasta. I haven’t tried it since I am full but they told me that it is super tasty and the clam is cooked well.

Other Food Choices

Lemon Butter Fish Fillet. The fish is so soft and tasty.
Beef Salpicao. The beef is super tender and better with rice.

Their Steak Menu

Australian Rib Eye 280 gms.
Baby Back Ribs with Apple Sauce.
Porter House 780 gms.
USDA Sirlion.

I got confused on which is USDA and Australian rib eye but all of the steaks are so tender and very tasty.


Banana Split.

Photo Ops with Chef Vittorio and my blogger Friends

SAM_1424.JPG SAM_1423.JPG

Overall the experience was so great and the night was filled with stories and exchange of comments about the food with my fellow blogger friends. Vittorio’s Steak House can be considered as one of the newest and tastiest Steak House in Kamuning.

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