Republic Cement helped the kids of Batangas by giving Nourishing Dreams for a Stronger Republic

Last week, I super fortunate that after my feeding program in our community I was able to go to Batangas for an overnight escapade/ outreach program. I was really happy helping people, not that I wanted to run a seat in politics or be known to helping people, but I wanted to nourish the innate kindness inside me. Most of the time we forgot to be good and kind to other people and as an only child I know how my life is super easy peezy and I can get anything I want and that changes me when I did have kids of my own.

I taught my kids everything that I didn’t know because I was an only child I taught them to be independent at 5 years old, learn how to cook rice, cook hotdog and wash the dishes at 6 years old. Which I never learn when I was a kid. I let them go out and had fun, its not just I didn’t had fun when I was a kid, maybe my parents are just over protective at that time.

That’s why whenever I see children roaming the streets, shirtless or pants less asked them why? And most of the time, they’d tell me “wala po kasi pambili.” then it broke my heart and even a simple Jollibee would make them go gaga because that’s they evr dreamed of eating. That’s why I am always on the go helping kids on my little ways, that’s why I am so happy to helped the Kusina ng Kalinga and Republic Cement on their cause to feed the children of Taysan and Pag-asa, Batangas and I saw how these children needed help. I super love the advocacy of Republic Cement to feed the children grade 1-3 everyday for the whole school year. Imagine how many kids they are helping and also they are helping the parents to save money, since they don’t need to feed one of they children at lunch anymore.

We can all be heroes and nourish the dreams of these kids because one day they will be the future of our generation and maybe one day I am feeding the next President of the country.

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