Reduce Office Stress Through These Tips

The reality is that work is a source of stress for many.  However, it could just be a matter of being able to manage your time, feelings, and priorities. Here a few tips for office stress reduction.

Know Your Stressor

First of all, you must know what stresses you out; be it situations, things, or people. Get a journal and write down everything that irritates you and how you react to them. Write down how you feel/think about it, what environment you were in when the stress occurred, and what you did to make yourself feel better. By doing this you can find patterns that lead up to your negative moods. Do this for a week or two for accurate data.

Know How to React

If you’ve written down your stressors and how you’ve reacted to them, then you will find that you won’t always react positively or correctly. In fact, some methods can be unhealthy such as stress-eating fast food. There are healthy ways to relieve stress from work. Try any of the following:

  • Exercising after work.
  • Making time for hobbies.
  • Getting enough sleep.


Learn How to Relax

To be efficient at work, you must learn how to focus on a single activity. It will take some practice with some good techniques. A few that you can try are meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness. For those who do not know, mindfulness is the ability to take in events and happenings without judging them. Sometimes overthinking is the main reason for stress and being mindful can help you simplify your thoughts and actions.


Work-life balance is one of the hardest things to achieve, even for the most seasoned CEOs. But a key factor to doing this is to set boundaries. These boundaries could entail things such as not answering calls and emails when you are at home or vice versa. Everyone will have their own preferences with how they will set this ratio of work and life but setting definitive boundaries will help to reduce conflict from both aspects.


Disconnection and detachment from work is needed for you to return back to your “pre-stress” level. By being able to switch-off from work responsibilities, you can replenish your energy to be able to work efficiently again. Companies know this and this is why there is no work during weekends and they give vacation leaves. Thus, you should not stress about work on these days and take this time to relax and unwind.


Talk to Your Bosses

Bosses want to encourage a productive environment for their employees so that they can work well. You can help them to do this by being transparent. This is not only to bring up concerns but also, more importantly, to come up with solutions to sources of stress for you and your colleagues. You can make suggestions for improvements in facilities, workflow, team solidarity, etc. Doing this will also bring a healthy relationship between, you, your boss, and your fellow workers because transparency lets everyone know what they have to do.

Key Takeaway

More often than not, stress only gets too overwhelming because a flaw in the management of yourself. Take a step back and think if you are overthinking, if you are lacking in transparency, if you are horrible in time management or if you haven’t defined your priorities well. Fixing these will allow you to have a clear mind and you will know what to do whenever stress strikes again.

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