Redecorating 101: Your “New” Old Home

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As time goes by, your humble abode will eventually become old and worn out.  Good thing, there are various DIY projects for home available in the Internet, especially in the Pinterest. All you have to do is to research for redecoration tips and tricks, pin it, and follow the easy instructions.

Redecorate and upgrade your home by following the simple tips and tricks below on how to revamp your humble abode without spending too much bucks.

Paint Paint Paint

One of the cheapest ways to revamp your home is to have it painted. When deciding the paint color of a certain room, opt for a lighter shade, such as white and beige for the wall then darker color to accent or design it. Painting pros have their different methods on how to do their painting. Here are some of the painting tricks you might want to try when you have decided to paint your humble abode.

  • Finish one wall first before starting with the other. Most of the painting pros start with one wall then immediately rolling it before starting with the next. With this, the brushed and rolled paint will blend evenly together.
  • Before starting to paint, clean your walls and other surfaces with degreaser.
  • When painting, push the paint to avoid runs and bubbles.

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Declutter and Organize

One of the reasons why your home may look old and worn out is because of the various clutter found in the house. Before redecorating your home, make time to declutter and organize your space first. Have a checklist of all the things you need to organize. Do it by room: dining room, living room, kitchen, garage, and so on. Identify the clutter hot-spots and start from there. Allot one day per room so that you will not be frustrated with all the clutter you need to get rid of.

To have an efficient declutter system, have the three box method: keep, get rid of it, and storage box. With this, you can efficiently do the decluttering of your home. Remember that a clutter-free and organized space will surely make your everyday living relax and peaceful.

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Let There Be Light

The lighting in a room is essential since it can improve the mood and overall aesthetic of a space. Below are some of the simple interior lighting tricks that will make your home new and fresh.

  • Since light is essential in a room, go curtain-less (if possible). This trick will allow enough amount of light to get in in your room. With this, your room will look bigger and turning on the light will be lessened.
  • If curtain-less is not possible, opt for sheer curtains. When choosing for sheer curtain, select cotton since this type of fabric stand the test of time.
  • Reflect light with mirror. Try hanging a mirror near or adjacent to a window to maximize the light coming from the window. Moreover, mirror can make the room bigger and wider.

Redecoration of your home should not be expensive. With just few organizing and painting, your home will definitely be good as new.

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