Recent IloIlo Trip with ASUS Philippines + Volunteering at Operation Smile

I’ve never been to IloIlo and it was really a nice experience to travel again with the brand who let me explore mobile photography, ASUS Philippines. It’s a 4 days, 3 nights stay in IloIlo and I didn’t bother to read the itinerary because I don’t want to preempt myself and I’d like it to be just going with the flow.

Our first day was filled of going to museums, churches and other historical places and it was so tiring, but I enjoyed every walk and running that I did catching up with my group mates.

Our second and third day was filled of volunteering works. I was assigned at the Medical Records were I’ll need to interview possible patients who will under go the cleft lip and palate surgery. It was so tiring, really. But knowing how long they traveled just to go to Qualimed Hospital in IloIlo is so heartbreaking and seeing the kids suffer from different kinds of bullying really hurts me. I’m a mom and I would never want my children to be treated that way.

It was so heart wrecking on the third day of the stay in IloIlo because its the time that the kids will undergo surgery and seeing the kids and moms that I interviewed, successfully will be given a free surgery from Operation Smile was like winning in the lottery. I felt their happiness and the heartfelt thank you like I was the one who’s the owner of Operation Smile.

I don’t want to end the trip yet, but I need to go back to my own life with the most amazing experience that I think only ASUS can give. I was so happy and fortunate enough to be able to go with them every trip, but this was so different. Thank you to my ASUS Family for the never ending trip we shared for the past 2 years we’ve been together and I will always support your cause. By the way I am volunteering this Wednesday on the Manila leg of Operation Smile at Sta. Ana, Manila.

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