Reasons why Prosource VCO is good for us and our dogs

After colouring a lot of times and also bleaching my hair, it became dry and lumpy. I had tried different hair products to make it more bouncy and have full of life but the ending is still there is no effect on my dry hair.

I remember when we used to go to our “coprahan” my mom always brings home organic “gugo” and used it to my scalp and hair and she also use it for her beauty regimen. That’s why at 54 she does not look like her age, but as I grow up I forgot how very magical and useful VCO is.

My dog has a very sensitive skin and most of the time he scratches his skin so bad and end up having infection because of it and he’s also allergic to dust. Our doctor recommended to use VCO soap and he also takes it everyday.


Prosource VCO, Calming oil and VCO Soap

Thanks to Prosource, I don’t need to go to Surigao and get some VCO it’ very handy, since I can get it instantly at any Mercury Drugstore. So here’s are some reason why I love VCO for me, my family and our pet:


I use it as my new Moisturizer

I have an oily skin, but my derma told me that it is the result of inadequate skin hydration.

When I use make up (this is very unusual) I also use it my make up remover

I seldom use make up, but I remember when I was still working and using make up everyday I use a commercialized make up remover and I don’t know if it cleaning my face deep inside, but my mom always told me that she uses VCO and that was way before VCO was very popular in the market. She always told me that it makes her face breath because most of the time make up clog her pores.


I haven’t tried the soap yet, but I love how the effect of VCO to our dog because it eases his skin allergy and makes his hair so smooth.

Our veterinarian suggested the use of VCO for our dogs skin allergies.

Our doctor told us that VCO or Coconut Oil has lauric acid which is an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. There are a lot of benefits when our dogs uses VCO:

  • It clears our dog’s eczema
  • Minimizes dog odor
  • It also helps in dry skin and hair
  • It is also a “wonder food” which assist in weight loss and control’s diabetes in dogs.

That is why my family loves to use Prosource VCO products specially the Virgin Coconut Oil and the Calming Oil. I super love their calming oil because whenever I can’t sleep I just rub it on the back of my ear and instantly it relaxes me and after 10 to 20 minutes I have a good night sleep. I love the smell of their oil because it will surely relaxes you. They also have VCO soap, but I haven’t tried it yet and will update soon on the effects on my skin.

prosource-vco-6I super love this calming oil because it really calms you and helps you sleep well. This is a must for people who have trouble sleeping and those people who’s very stress.

So always remember if you want to try VCO there is no other brand than Prosource! Get your Prosource VCO products at in the leading stores such as Watsons, Mercury Drug and other key drug stores, supermarket and department stores nationwide.

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