Reasons why you need to try Jeunesse Anion pads

It’s really hard being a woman, we will give birth, the pain of our monthly period, the ups and downs of our mood swings and so much more.

We always tried to find relief on our everyday life and also to ease those red days. I remember before when I first had my period it was so painful and imagine I was 9 that time I can never explain the pain and that pain of dysmenorrhea go on until now and I usually end up having bad mood swings and my family usually suffers and thank God I have food a solution not to take meds whenever I have dysmenorrhea.

Here are reasons why you need to try Jeunesse Anion Pads

It’s so thin, but super absorbent.

Yes you read it right, It’s really super thin yet very absorbent. I usually on a medium to heavy flow, but I am not afraid t have a leak.

It lessen the icky feeling and bloody smell

Yes, you read it right again. I must admit I wish that I am a man to lessen the problems of having a monthly period and also to prevent from feeling icky and also the bloody smell we use to smell whenever we have our period. With Jeunesse, you don’t need to bother. Promise!

Less cramps and blood flow

I noticed that my dysmenorrhea has been lessen and the blood flow also lessen during the time I am using Jeunesse which is super A, okay for me because I can be myself even if I have my period.

That’s why I am so happy to recommend this product to all the ladies who experience the same scenario during red days. So what are you waiting for go hoard now and try the magic of Jeunesse Anion Sanitary pad!

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